A puppy appears out of nowhere on a deserted road and follows a car in the hopes of being adopted… But what happens to him is…

Dogs have long been regarded as man’s best friend because they genuinely desire our affection and give it to us in return. These furry animals will never comprehend why some of them are tragically abandoned.

A black-and-white puppy unexpectedly appeared from the bushes and began running after Valia Orfanidou’s vehicle as she was traveling down a road in rural Greece.

When Valia checked herself in the rearview mirror, thankfully, she saw what had happened. It didn’t take long for her to figure out that the puppy had been left alone, as she noticed that it was following her car around like it was waiting for someone to come by so it could try to get their attention.

“My first thought was, ‘Oh no, not another puppy,'” she said. “The number of stray dogs in Greece is estimated to be between 3 and 5 million. Everyone who decides they no longer want their dog simply dumps him on the street because they have no other choice. The streets here are like an open admission shelter,” she said.

On her blog titled “The Orphan Pet,” Valia recounts the experiences she has had caring for rescued dogs in Greece as well as the stories of the dogs themselves.

She quickly came to the decision that she could not just abandon the defenseless shepherd-mix out in the middle of nowhere, so she pulled over and got out of the car to try to trick him inside.

“When I came to a stop, he slid under the vehicle and hid himself there. Every time I got closer, he would hide, and when I would take a few steps back, he would come out of hiding and bark at me as if I was trying to communicate with him.”

Valia was able to successfully capture the puppy and transport him to the rear seat of the car after spending around ten minutes playing hide-and-seek with him. The moment the dog realized he had been saved, you could see by the nonstop wagging of his tail how glad he was.

Valia wasted no time in bringing the dog for a thorough checkup at the local veterinarian. The dog wasn’t able to locate much food on the streets, yet he was nonetheless amazingly healthy.

At this time, the little dog is being cared for in a foster family in Athens, where he goes by the name Bandit. However, there are instances when Valia may also call him Bendito, which is the Spanish word for Blessed. Because of the attention that his foster mom provides, the puppy is growing very quickly.

Bandit is making rapid progress in adapting to his new environment, which consists of warm, soft beds, full feeders, sociable human friends, and comforting walks with other dogs.

Valia has high hopes that Bandit will soon be adopted by a loving family who will shower him with the attention and care he so well deserves.

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