The cashier at the store realizes something is not right and quickly grabs the child…

A scary thing happened in this convenience store in the suburbs of Denver. Rebecca Montano, who worked as a cashier at the shop, found herself in the middle of all of the chaos. She provided all the information to the Associated Press from her perspective.

Convenience stores are areas where customers may chill and buy snacks. Despite this, it is not to imply that convenience stores do not sometimes serve as the setting for some interesting situations.

We have previously seen a great deal of videos from security cameras showing people stealing similar stores. Even if it is strange to see anything like this in such a setting, this short scene is quite unusual.

Rebecca strikes up a conversation with a younger woman who is holding her newborn child. Rebecca finds the baby to be quite adorable.

While she is scanning the products, she strikes up a pleasant conversation with the woman.

“She came over to pay for her soda. I was browsing around in the back of the shop where I work as I rearranged a few things. I approached the counter in order to be of help to her. And I talked to her right there and she answered me, no problem or anything.”

Things move from being peaceful to worrying in the span of just a few seconds all of a sudden. Rebecca observes that the girl’s face is off in some way.

She stopped talking and got a red, blank look on her face.

“I’m a mom, I’m a grandma. I adore babies. So I wanted to see if I could get the baby to talk to me or smile or anything. And all of a sudden the girl had a glazed look on her face. And I was well aware that she was missing something important.”

Already, the clerk is aware that something is not right. She looks at the infant while keeping her fingers crossed that the mother would come to her senses as quickly as possible for the sake of her child.

A few seconds go by, and she’s still not moving and standing still.

“So I hold the baby’s arm and I’m trying to say, ‘Do you need help?’  Do I need to get somebody? What happened? “Her looks were like she was lost in space.”

Time to act before it’s too late. Rebecca could tell it was a medical emergency, so she grabs the baby’s arm right away.
The young mom starts to lose her balance, so Rebecca grabs the baby by the arm and pulls it to her.

The young woman had been carried away at this point while a seizure was in its most intense stage. Rebecca, who was now holding the baby of the poor woman, called another customer to help her.

Rebecca made a phone call for help and asked the customer if she could switch places with them throughout the conversation. Now it was time for him to take care of the baby while Rebecca went to check on the woman. 

Suddenly, the other customers rushed up to the young mother to check whether she was all right after the incident that had just happened.

Suddenly, the other customers rushed up to the young mother to check whether she was all right after the incident that had just happened.
After her seizure, the woman was okay when help came. Everyone in the store was taken aback, but they were all relieved to learn that everything had worked out in the end.

The woman came back the next day to express her gratitude to Rebecca.

She had a history of seizures and was very thankful that Rebecca was there to make sure that nothing bad happened to the baby. She was really glad that Rebecca was there. One shudders to think of what would have happened otherwise.

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