A dad was spotted in a mall carrying both his infant and something you would not believe…

In spite of what the majority of people appear to believe, the responsibility of raising children is actually shared between both of the child’s parents.

After being pictured loving on his child, a model parent rose to the top of the social media popularity rankings.

The reason that this video became so viral, despite the fact that it showed a father caring for his child, was not because of the father’s concern for his child but rather for the two dogs that the father was carrying on either side of the carrier.

Nonetheless, a significant number of people considered the being seen in the video to be nothing more than a toy.

Despite this, the owner confirmed that the dog in question was in fact a real dog named Milo.

He went on to say that his family traveled with him at all times because he is a part of the family.

Almost 11 million people have watched the video since it was uploaded, and it has been given 1.3 million likes and a significant number of comments.

Because of how charming the video is, there is every reason to believe that it will continue to circulate all over the internet.

What are your thoughts? You may make your loved ones’ day better by letting them in on this incredible experience and spreading love and light in the process.

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