Dad starts singing for his baby and look at how the cute baby reacts…

Nothing in the world can compare to the feeling of being a parent and seeing your child smile at you. Nothing.

At that moment, everything that was previously visible around you seems to vanish. There is nothing more than that face and that dazzling grin, which is almost always missing teeth.

Whatever you can think of to make that smile appear on his face. especially considering that a contented infant is not a wailing infant.

Even though “You Are So Lovely” is a touching song, he is swiftly pushed to the background as his daughter shines and the man singing to her captivates her attention.

How could you possibly know that? Not even a coo, a cry, or a giggle comes out of her mouth. She responds with a grin that is as broad as it is possible for her to make it.

After watching this film, every parent will either reflect on the time they spent with their daughters or think about the pregnancy they still have to experience. It is a very beautiful one.

Here is the video:

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