Fans accidentally bump Tom Hanks’ wife, whom he nearly lost to cancer… What happened next surprised everyone…

The first time Hanks and Wilson worked together was in the 1985 comedy “Volunteers,” in which Hanks played Lawrence Bourne III and Wilson played Beth Wexler. A year later, the two walked down the aisle.

Unlike most Hollywood marriages, Hanks and Wilson’s relationship goes beyond what most people think of as marriage.

They’ve helped each other through the challenges and hard times that life has thrown at them, and now they’re even happier and closer than before.

Hanks told Oprah that he thinks of Wilson as more than just his lover and that their relationship is more than just being husband and wife.

He said that because she encouraged him, he was able to start a number of projects and do his job well because he loved and cared for his wife.

Rita has helped her husband become a Hollywood star and one of the most sought-after performers in the business. But Tom never misses a chance to thank her for helping him do well.

He never misses a chance to tell his partner how much he loves her and praise her for being the driving force behind his success.

I have a woman who shows me what love is all the time. Hanks told Oprah, “I don’t know if you can fake that feeling, but for me it’s real.”

There are a lot of weddings in Hollywood, but most of them don’t last for many years. Wilson and Hanks broke the rules and showed how strong their relationship is.

The actor says that Rita is not only his girlfriend but also his best friend. Since they started dating, their relationship has always been like this, and just like wine, it keeps getting better as time goes on.

Hanks said that they didn’t have a secret to their long and happy relationship, since they were still together. He said:

It’s easier to get through it if you can go home with someone you like to spend time with. You know, you have to get through some things sometimes, but life is just a series of things.

Even though the famous person has figured out how to make back-to-back hit movies, he says he still doesn’t know what makes his marriage work. He said that the fact that Rita is still with him still amazes him.

The actor says marriage isn’t hard and wants to dispel the idea that it is. He also says that no one should get married before the age of 30, even though he doesn’t know how to make a marriage work.

Wilson and Hank’s marriage may look perfect, but things aren’t always what they appear to be. She found out she had breast cancer when she was told. The celebrity almost lost the love of her life in 2015.

After having both of her breasts taken out, the actress had to have reconstructive surgery. Hanks, on the other hand, was always there for her and helped her through the hard times.

She told People that she was glad that medical advances had made it easier for her to find and get treatment. She also said that she was lucky that her husband, family, and friends had been there for her throughout the process.

Before Rita was diagnosed with cancer, neither Hanks nor Wilson had been through such a serious illness, so it was a hard time for them.

Even though it didn’t seem like it at the time, her illness really brought them closer together.

You never know how your partner will act in a tough situation. The way my partner paid attention to me left me speechless and very impressed. The actress said that it was such a private and everyday moment.

After going through a hard time because of Wilson’s illness, they now think of their marriage as “holy” because they are better at shutting down people who say bad things about them.

Tom and Rita have been inseparable since the beginning of their relationship, and even though time has passed, they still have that spark.

Hanks is still his wife’s support system and caregiver even when they are out in public. The famous person got into trouble when he yelled at a fan who had assaulted his wife.

Rita and her boyfriend were in a New York City lobby when a fan from the crowd outside bumped into them. Before she turned around and yelled “Stop!”, the actress stumbled and almost fell forward.

Hanks yelled at the group to stop putting pressure on his wife and move back as he ran to help her.

As Hanks and Wilson got into their car, many people in the crowd apologized to them because Hanks had yelled at them and asked what they were doing while his security tried to calm him down.

As in similar situations, people had different ideas about whether Hanks was right to yell. Some people thought that he was rude.

But some people thought the person who almost knocked Wilson to the ground had no respect for personal space and got what they deserved. Lebron James, a pro basketball player, agreed with Hanks’ answer and said that if the roles had been switched, he would have been sued.

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