This mom has unique and lovely twins with Down syndrome and she shares the advantages she gets…

There is a one in fourteen million chance of having identical twins with Down syndrome if you have fraternal children.

On the other hand, she hopes that others will take away from her story the realization that a life like this may still be full with joy and love.

When someone uses the word “influencer,” there is a good chance that a lot of people will have the same perception of what it means.

People with well-toned bodies, impeccable taste in clothing, who are handsome and presentable but also occasionally quirky

As the twin children of one family won the hearts of the internet with their adorable qualities, they proved that belief to be false.

In contrast to others who have large numbers of followers, however, these two are one of a kind.

Understanding of Down syndrome has been increased thanks to the efforts of twins aged three.

The twins’ Instagram account has more than 21,000 people following it, while their Facebook page has more than 9,000 likes and followers.

And we are well aware that this adorable couple has not yet reached their full potential.

Watch how these two adorable toddlers with Down syndrome made their way to the top of the social media charts.

Watch the video here:

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