Grandma’s reaction when her granddaughter gave her the most adorable present was priceless! You will be surprised when you see what was the present…

A grandmother was overcome with happiness as her daughter and granddaughter surprised her with the most wonderful gift she could have ever asked for.

Due to the fact that Grandmother was a devoted member of St. Mary’s Church, she had many fond memories associated with the church. There, he was not only there at his own wedding but also at the one of his daughter.

On the other hand, when she found out that they were going to pull it down, she felt as though she was going to be deprived of something really unique and important to her.

In light of this information, his family came to the conclusion that they should create a memorial for him that would be a permanent part of that church.

Hence, her daughter and granddaughter purchased a bench just in time to save it from being destroyed, and they had a neighbor have it remade so that it could be used again.

They filmed him reacting to receiving the bench on the very day that the footage was taken. His feelings, as well as the tears in his eyes, express a great deal.

Watch the video here:

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