Police officer sees a mom outside of Walmart with her children and here is what he does… The reason will surprise you…

Because they did not have a place to live, Shannon Loveless and her family had set up a makeshift camp in the parking lot of a Walmart.

By the time we reached December 2017, Loveless, her three children, and I had been living in their van for the prior half year.

They used food that was provided from local food banks to prepare their supper, which they ate in a grassy area outside of a Walmart.

One of the commenters, Loveless, said that there was no sign of relief in the near future.

Yet, because to the generosity and hard work of two Sacramento County sheriff’s deputies, the Loveless family once more had reason to be hopeful.

When he talked with them, Loveless did not have a positive impression of people who worked in law enforcement…

According to Loveless, it is quite refreshing to see the positive side of law enforcement professionals because the most of the time, we are only exposed to their negative side.

We need to work together if we want to change the way the public views law enforcement officers and employees.

What specific actions took place on the part of the police that brought about such a dramatic shift in Loveless’ opinion of them?

While they were keeping a watch on a nearby homeless camp, they were the ones who first came across Loveless and her children.

Loveless was overcome with emotion as she spoke about the helpfulness of the police officers.

She went on to say that all she wanted was for the children to have a comfortable place to sleep, watch cartoons, and engage in other activities typical of children.

Not only did the two officers make Loveless’ immediate predicament better, but they also provided her with a fresh perspective on life and a new sense of purpose.

According to Loveless, this event constituted “a complete and total paradigm shift.”

The motivation is there, the spirit is strong, and all of a sudden, it feels as though I’m ready to take on whatever challenge is ahead. Will you and I try to savor every moment of this year?'”

Also, the officers went back to the residence with supplies for the family as well as games and toys for the children…

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