A Kentucky coal miner left early from work to take his child to a basketball game… What happened next surprised everyone…

After quitting his job at a coal mine, Michael made a beeline for the Rupp Arena located on the campus of the University of Kentucky.

After completing his shift, he did not have the opportunity to take a bath or wash, thus he was filthy all over.

But, he couldn’t go yet because he had to accompany his son to an important basketball game.

A spectator snapped a snapshot of McGuire and his youngster watching the game together, and it skyrocketed to the top of the popularity charts almost immediately.

Even John, who is the head coach of the men’s basketball team at the University of Kentucky, was moved when he saw the picture.

According to Calipari, the moment the picture was delivered to him, it “smacked him straight in the eyes.” He confirmed this information during a press conference.

The teacher posted the image on Twitter along with a commentary elaborating on its meaning.

He proceeded by saying that because his parents were born in a coal mine in Clarksburg, West Virginia, this image “hits home” for him because it is where their American dream first began.

After conducting some research, he was able to engage in conversation with Mollie about his intention to present the parents with an opportunity to purchase VIP tickets.

I now understand that once he finished his assignment, he made a beeline to meet our team so that he could be with his child.

I have no idea who he is, but he and his family are going to be treated like kings when they visit Rupp.

Molly asserted that her husband was an upstanding citizen who put in a lot of effort.

Even though it is a challenging occupation, he brings in sufficient income from it for me to be able to forego working outside the home.

Also, he is an outstanding parent. She asserts that he has engaged in conduct of this nature on numerous occasions.

When he phoned McGuire’s father, the guy said that McGuire’s father initially believed that his son had committed a wrong when he was called into the office at work.

The man mentioned this after calling McGuire’s father. On the other hand, a round of applause broke out when he entered the room.

He stated that he was so eager to get to the game that he was “ready to go without showering or clothing, just get in his vehicle, and go since he came out of the mines late.”

He added that he was “ready to go without bathing or clothing, just get in his vehicle, and go.”

That wasn’t the most important part at all. The reason given for his absence was that he felt it was important to be present for his child. The instructor stated that this was the reason he did it.

Calipari claims that ever since the image went viral, hotels have begun calling to offer accomodation and have begun making reservations for those interested.

There have been calls coming in from businesses that provide food. Even a vehicle was made available to McGuire by a used automobile business.

It’s incredible that such a humble and unassuming man is aware of how highly others regard him and the things he stands for, isn’t it? announced Calipari.

«I am appreciative of that because it was the means through which my ancestors initially emigrated to this nation. The first step toward realizing the American ideal was taken in the coal mine.

Following the viewing of the photograph, the trainer declared, “This one, I’m going to take care of this gentleman and his family.”

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