Baby girl and her imagined buddy have a sweet phone call… But what happened surprised everyone… Watch it here!

It takes a bit of creativity and a youthful spirit to carry on an in-depth conversation with your made-up pal. This young child is having the fun of her life while pretending to make a call on the phone.

Daisy would have been a multiple-time winner at the Academy Awards if children her age were eligible to compete.

A little child answers the hotel phone and conducts a lengthy conversation, the primary motivation for which appears to be boredom.

Although it takes some time, it eventually becomes clear that she is the only person on the line.

The acting is excellent, and there are just the right number of pauses to create the idea that she is having a conversation with a real person.

To be more precise, she was having this conversation with her made-up best friend.

But what truly sticks out are the behaviors that are displayed in the video. The hand signals and body language point to something that appears to be rather peculiar.

This suggests that there is a good likelihood that she has seen this discussion take place numerous times within the confines of her own home.

There is no one who can say for certain whether Daisy is mimicking her mother or one of her elder sisters. The impersonation appears to be spot on, right down to the point where she is cut off by her father when it is time to leave the house.

The man’s reaction to this news exemplifies his level of elation, as evidenced by the fact that he immediately updated all of his social media profiles with the news.

When he saw that his daughter had absorbed some housekeeping practices, he probably chuckled even harder than he already had.

It was a memorable experience for the whole family while they were on vacation, and maybe it was the beginning of many more to come.

Check out the video here:

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