A blind girl gets abandoned, and here is what happens to the already grown-up woman 23 years later…

A garbage man who is having trouble caring for his two children by himself decides to take in an orphaned and blind boy whom he finds abandoned and hiding in a dumpster.

One day, he finds out about the boy’s hobby and guides him through the process of laying the groundwork for the future enterprise that will earn him millions of dollars.

After Bob thanks fate for giving him such a wonderful wife and such wonderful children, fate deals him a harsh blow in response to his expression of appreciation.

After being married to his wife, Sarah, for nine years, the man, who is now 41 years old, was left to raise their two daughters, Kara and Christie, on his own.

Sarah admitted that she was in a committed relationship with another man, and she handed Bob the reins, instructing him to take care of them by himself.

It took Bob nine years to figure out that Sarah, his beloved wife and the person with whom he believed he shared the ideal existence, was not pleased with him as her husband.

Bob came to the conclusion that he could not survive without his girls, despite the fact that he could no longer see them in the same light.

Bob had a difficult time accepting the death of his wife, but he was still able to bring up his two daughters despite the tragedy.

He was under the impression that was the conclusion that fate had in store for him. In the beginning, Bob was skeptical about the issues he was having to deal with.

Although he was aware that Sam’s blindness would necessitate additional care and attention on his side, he did everything in his power to ensure that Sam had a sense of affection from everyone around him.

After twenty years, Sam had reached an advanced level of reading and writing. He came to the conclusion that he should help the blind and hence established a humble publishing company.

Bob offered to assist him in obtaining the things that were necessary for him to get his firm off the ground by using the money that he had set aside for the wedding of his daughters.

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