The director tells the foreman, «You’re fired, old man,» not realizing that he will be his supervisor the following day… But what happened next surprised everyone…

Nia’s recent promotion at the business had changed her into a hostile and irritable manager, despite the fact that she had always been a conscientious worker.

She was successful up to the point where she made the decision to insult and fire her previous boss.

Nia had only been in her new position for a week when the event that made her speechless occurred.

She had been promoted to the position of manager at one of the establishments that belonged to the huge clothes company.

Nia had numerous ideas for how she could improve the store if she were given the opportunity years before she was promoted, and she made sure to keep all of those ideas in her file.

While she was talking to the other employees right before the store closed that morning, the paperwork was sitting proudly on her desk.

The staff members responded with a knowing smile, a nod of the head, and a few cordial thanks in exchange. The unexpected move, on the other hand, caused the personnel to be taken aback.

They were unable to work because they were aware that the loss of income essential to cover the majority of their expenses would occur from even the smallest oversight, whether it was conscious or not.

This knowledge prevented them from working.

They were fascinated by the story of a worker who started off as an intern at the bottom of the company’s hierarchy and eventually made it all the way to the top.

It is possible that Victor’s time serving as the foreman of the workshop has come to an end at this point. On the following day, though, he was going to encounter something that was significantly more significant.

It was the beginning of a brand-new chapter in the lives of Nias, Victor, and the store as a whole when it happened.

As Viktor continued to run the company, Nias took over as his right-hand man and was responsible for assisting him.

The two gentlemen enjoyed a strong working relationship, and together they were responsible for this location becoming the most successful in the annals of the network.

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