A maternity photoshoot was almost ruined by a photobomber horse due to his constant laughing during the session…

A couple documented their pregnancy by taking a photoshoot with a horse, and as a result, they have a photos that will always remind them of this special moment in their lives. Neither one of them was aware that a third party would interrupt their photography on the lovely day it was taking place on.

Amanda and Phillip own a farm in Indiana, the United States. The couple made the wise decision to make the most of the little time they had as they awaited the arrival of their soon-to-be-born child by taking photographs of their cherished horse. A photographer with a lot of enthusiasm paid a visit to the farm, and while he was there, he took advantage of the chance to do a quick photo shoot.

On the other hand, capturing the variety of poses and facial expressions that a professional photographer sought for was not a simple task. The performer was yelling “SMILE!” over and over again, but the horses just remained there without moving. In response to the persistent request made by the photographer, Phillip responded by yelling, “Don’t tear our jaws open…” with his mouth wide open.

That was the point…

Suddenly, a horse by the name of Buckshot, who had been standing close to Phillip, let forth a hearty chuckle. While keeping his eyes closed, he expanded his lips as wide as he could, exposing his pink gums and firm front teeth. Phillip kept up his uncomfortable smile, which gave the impression that he was about to have a cramp in spite of the quick motion of the horse. Amanda gave Buckshot a perplexed face as she stared at him and said, “What is it, what’s up with him?”

Buckshot laughed after realizing what was so amusing about the situation. He threw his head back and tilted it backward. The sight caused the couple to break into laughter, which allowed the photographer to get the most memorable portrait from the whole photo session.

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