12 photos of cats and babies that melted our hearts…

It may be difficult and frustrating at times to filter through all of the information that is available when your growing family includes both human babies and fur babies. Despite the fact that you need to be cautious at all times and monitor the time spent by your children and dogs together, I can assure you that there is nothing more satisfying than seeing them connect.

If you were having a bad day or if you simply truly want some moments that will warm your heart, then you have come to the perfect spot because you won’t be able to go through this list without sighing a sigh of affection at some point.

#1. A precious moment

I really like how their positions mirror each other. This is really cute!

#2. High five!

The start of a strong and lifelong friendship.

#3. Nap time is the best time.

Take a peek at these adorable sleeping companions!

#4. Hugs me, please!

This bond is unbreakable.

#5. At least the kid has a smile on his face.

Although we don’t recommend you do this at home, we can’t deny the charm of its adorableness.

#6. They’re the same size!

This is what it looks like when something is too adorable.

#7. Kisses, please!

What a cutie!

#8. Hello? Do I know you?

This newborn seems confused.

#9. Nothing stands in the way of a cat and a box.

I don’t think this happy baby is paying attention, however.

#10. Purrfect timing!

This is so sweet!

#11. Best furr-ends.

Two joyful friends!

#12. A happy cat, a happy baby!

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