Meet the cutest miniature horses, and yes, they are grown ups! You’ll be surprised to find out for how long they have been with us…

Meet the tiny horse; they are the same as s typical horse, but smaller. Horses are enormous, powerful, and magnificent animals that are frequently seen elegantly galloping around. Mini horses are the same (but cuter).

They first appeared in Europe about the year 1600 and may reach a maximum height of 97 cm (38,1 inches).

These charming creatures are often substituted for assistance dogs due to the fact that they are quite sociable with people.

They are often taught for driving or kept as a pet since people, not even small children, can ride them.

They have the potential to be wonderful companions and can live out their days as a charming and lovely addition to a household.

Most often, miniature horses are either Falabella horses or South African Miniature Horses.

Watch below the adorable photos of these amazing creatures, and tell us in the comments what you think about them.

Would you keep them as a pet? Why?

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