The AGT pianist really seems to bore the audience, until he throws out the bench halfway through and amazes everyone…

If you watch reality television programs often, eventually you begin to believe that you have seen it all.
Although our obsession with these contests was ignited by programs like American Idol, the trend has continued thanks to other programs. There are programs out there that are even more varied and bizarre than The Voice, which provides a hilarious option for people looking for an all-singing show.

To be more precise, there aren’t many things that are weirder than America’s Got Talent. On that program, singers battle against dancers, mimes, magicians, and everyone else to capture the public’s attention.

And just when you begin to believe you have seen it all, something unexpected happens to change things up.

That most certainly applied to one performance during the show’s 2019 season.
The judges are all waiting for the next singer to come out as the video starts. As he enters, Patrizio Ratto introduces himself and says that he is an Italian pianist.

After a brief introduction, he informs everyone that he will be performing some classical music for them in a moment. At this point, the judge Simon Cowell rolls his eyes; it is obvious that he has seen this before, and he isn’t really interested.

In spite of this, the other judges make room for him to play, and he walks up to the piano and sits down on the bench there.

He doesn’t play more than a few notes, but that’s enough to have a feel for the instrument before he sits down.

Following that, he begins playing Beethoven’s “Für Elise.” Despite the fact that he has a wonderful touch on the piano and that he sounds fantastic, it is very evident that the judges are not especially interested in hearing this song played again and again. Despite the fact that the people in the audience are yawning, he keeps on… but then something unexpected begins. The song takes an unexpected turn, as Ratto begins to perform a variety of robotic moves at the same time.

Soon he’s kicking the piano bench over behind him and spasming all over the place.

At this time, everyone in the room has come to the conclusion that the pianist is not at all who he pretended to be at the beginning of the performance.
Soon after, the melody he was playing transformed into an electronic beat, and he began to breakdance and twist his body all over the stage.

The work that Patrizio Ratto has done is simply outstanding.  Be sure to see the full thing by clicking on the video below. 

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