15 of the most creative photos people have taken with statues… The last one is our favorite…

With just one shot, a regular bear can become a hero, and a Greek statue can become a dancer from a Beyoncé music video. Many years ago, statues were built in honor of famous figures, events, or achievements. On the streets today, you can come across something that looks like a giant bird or a bitter young girl. Some creative people just cannot go by these pieces of art without stopping to take photos of themselves standing next to them in the most creative ways possible.

The Statue of Liberty and Christ the Redeemer are just two of the many statues that are at the top of tourists’ “must see” lists. Some celebrate historical events, while others recognize local heroes and highlight cultural treasures.  They always show up in our family vacation photos, standing tall and straight as if time had stopped for them.

Some of the world’s most beautiful statues can be seen by anyone. And these sculptures have been around for hundreds or even thousands of years for a number of reasons. As an example, given that they are made of stone, they are able to withstand anything that is thrown at them during those many years. 

We’ll still play with them even if they’re magnificent. Everyone can’t help but take photographs with statues, especially if they can find a way to fit themselves into the piece of art. You just need to use your imagination to see this.

However, not everyone is so serious when it comes to taking photos with statues, and many simply do it for fun. In fact, people having fun with statues and sculptures are the focus of a full Twitter account called “Funny Statue.”

Below is a compilation of interesting photos that show how creative people can be while having fun. The statues are taking selfies, beating the helpless tourists, and shaving their underarms.

#1. “I want to be your baby.”

#2. “I’m thirsty, please give me some water.”

#3. Naughty lady.

#4. That’s exactly how you should pose with these cow statues.

#5. That’s not a very nice thing to do!

#6. When you can’t afford a real dentist…

#7. High five, bro!

#8. So much drama!

#9. We are glad this guy kept his pants.

#10. Can you hear me?

#11. Alrighty then.

#12. “Help me with these exams!”

#13. He’s gonna punch him!

#14. The cutest kids!

#15. “Can we be friends?”