When the mother of twins asks a police officer if sleeping in a car is against the law, the officer immediately takes action…

Being a parent is a significant responsibility, and it can be considerably more challenging when times are difficult, particularly from a financial aspect. People may be fortunate enough to have family members who are willing to help them get through difficult times, but there are other circumstances in which adults may not be so privileged. One woman in Michigan, who is a mother of twin daughters, discovered that she fell into the second group. That is, until members of her community came together to provide her the assistance she needed at the time and offered her the support she deserved.

The story takes place in 2017, and it focuses on a sympathetic police sergeant who made a significant change in the lives of a single mother and her two twin girls. Hayden and Abbigale Harrison are Erin Harrison’s daughters; they are twins. According to reports from WXYZ-TV Detroit, the family makes their home in the charming community of Walled Lake, which is located in the state of Michigan.

When Harrison approached Sergeant Heather Kolke, she was just going about her job of monitoring the city as she normally did. According to Sergeant Kolke’s comments to the media source, “She began asking me legal questions.” It wasn’t long before Harrison asked if it was okay for her to sleep in her car with her daughters. Evidently, this sparked a series of warning sirens in Sgt. Kolke’s brain.

The officer started asking questions in order to get more information about what was going on with the family. After that, she found out that Harrison had just just been kicked out of her apartment because she had fallen behind on her rent payments. For the last four years, she had been working at a fast-food restaurant, but the pay there was not enough for her to be able to pay her bills on time.

Sgt. Kolke, who was also a mother and had been moved by Harrison’s story, realized that she had to take action in order to help.

Harrison was desperate, and she thought that she and her girls could stay in her car until she saved enough money to get them back on their feet. Up until that point, she planned to leave her car parked at Walled Lake Elementary School so that it would be easy for her to drop the children off at school.

Sgt. Kolke, who also has children of her own, felt compelled to help the family in some way. “That’s why I realized I had to at least, you know, provide her a place to stay,” she said to the news organization. As a result, she did something about it and even got the community engaged.

Sgt. Kolke sent out a call for charity donations on behalf of the Harrison family in the hopes of collecting finances to house them in a hotel and get them off the streets. It was also Hayden and Abbigale’s ninth birthdays on that Saturday, and Sgt. Kolke was able to gather some more cash in order to ensure that the two girls could at least enjoy their birthdays in an appropriate manner.

The police officer’s selfless desire to help the Harrison family led the mayor of Walled Lake to ask the community on the local media if they could work together to find a long-term solution for them. While watching the news with his kids, a father wondered whether his family might also provide a hand. The man’s name is Eddie Osram, and he runs a successful local company. He owns the Marathon shop.  He shared the following with WXYZ-TV Detroit on the willingness of his family to help:

“That’s when I said, let me see what I can do.”

Osram called other business owners in the area right away to see if they could also help. He told WXYZ-TV Detroit, “A lot of them said, ‘Whatever it takes.'” The family’s neighbors helped them out by giving them clothes, household items, and more. Over $2,500 was raised, and one kind stranger offered to take the twins shopping for $1,000 worth of new clothes and other things they will need when they find a new home.

One of the people there wanted to help because he had been in a similar situation as a child. He said to the local news station:

“I was in a similar situation, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without help.”

The children of Osram even wanted to give the twin girls of Harrison their allowance savings, which added up to $341. Osram said:

“Whenever any of us is in need of help, we immediately come together to help each other.”

Harrison was overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from her community, and she found it difficult to find enough words to express her gratitude. “It thrills my heart to know that there are people out there who care,” she told the news source. She expressed her gratitude for the community’s kindness by promising to use the funds to buy a house for her and her family.

This story serves as a timely reminder that we may never completely know the circumstances of another person, and that even the smallest acts of kindness can build up to significantly improve the quality of another person’s life.

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