Dean Cain, the star of “Superman”, gave up his acting career to become a real-life hero… Take a look at this dad’s challenging yet inspiring life story here…

It’s true that many of us like watching fictional superheroes on tv, but it’s also true that the people we admire on film are occasionally real-life heroes in their own right. One of them is Dean Cain, who first gained widespread recognition for playing Superman in the tv show Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, which aired in 1993. The fact that Cain chose to raise his kid as a single parent and forego his job is evidence that superheroes really exist in the world.

We think that Cain’s experience as a single parent should serve as an inspiration to all parents, and because of this, we wanted to tell you about his journey.

Despite the fact that he would one day become a celebrity known all over the globe, Dean Cain had a difficult childhood. In 1966, the boy was born to actors Sharon Tanaka and Roger Tanaka. Unfortunately, the boy’s father left him and his mother, so the boy never got to meet his biological father. On the other hand, when he was 4 years old, his mom got married to Christopher Cain. Cain’s biological father lost touch with him forever.

The actor was profoundly influenced by the dysfunctional relationship he had with his father. In June of 2000, he and his partner, Samantha Torres, welcomed a boy into the world and became parents. Cain did not give up throughout a long and drawn-out custody fight with Torres, and as a result, he was awarded exclusive custody of the child in 2011. The actor had a tough childhood because of his dad, and he made it his mission to protect his kid from having a similar childhood.

He did everything by himself to raise his kid and made a lot of sacrifices. The actor who played Superman made it a point to be there for his kid at every step, going so far as to prepare all of his meals for him.

The actor who played Superman made it a point to be there for his kid at every step, going so far as to prepare all of his meals for him.

He stated, “Every meal that I give my kid, I prepare myself.  If I don’t make food for him, he won’t eat. I make a really good steak. I am also quite skilled at making something new out of the nine things that are left over from previous meals.

Even though he kept acting and took care of his son by himself, he made sure to be there every step of the way. “The last 18 years of my career have been based on being a father first and an actor second,” Cain said. He went to all of his son’s Jujitsu games and even coached him in football, basketball, and baseball.

He doesn’t regret his choice.
The actor has been subjected to a great deal of criticism as a result of his choice to put his career on wait and concentrate on the raising his son; yet, Cain said, “I’m there. I try to be there for my kid as much as I can, and I don’t see myself ever changing that.”  Even though he is the only parent in his son’s life, he does not feel any regret about it. ” People are asking me, ‘Haven’t you been aspiring for anything?’ and I’m like, ‘No, I haven’t. Yeah, I’ve aspired for a life!”

The way Dean Cain raised his son has given them an unbreakable bond. On Instagram, the actor has posted cute photos of the two of them together and said, “I believe he’s quite proud of Dad, but to be honest, I’m fairly proud of him, too. He’s my favorite human being on the planet.”

He is a real-life Superman. Cain’s willingness to give up his life for his kid is a powerful illustration of the love that parents feel for their children. Even though he had a well-known role and a successful career, the actor put his son ahead of everything else. Cain became the real-life equivalent of Superman when he ensured that his kid would never have to go through a difficult childhood like he did.

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