After being bullied a New York seventh-grader purchases new shoes for a friend. You won’t believe why…

Recently, 12-year-old Romello “Mello” Early grew outraged after witnessing bullies make fun of his 12-year-old friend Melvin Anderson’s worn-out shoes…

A New York seventh-grader bought a pair of fashionable shoes for his classmate after witnessing the latter being ridiculed for his worn-out footwear.

According to The Washington Post and Today, 12-year-old Romello “Mello” Early was tired of seeing fellow 7th grader Melvin Anderson, also 12-years-old, ridiculed by classmates at Buffalo Creek Academy Charter School in Buffalo, New York, because of his shoes.

Some of Melvin’s classmates made fun of him for being “filthy,” something neither student appreciated. Melvin told the Post that he felt depressed, enraged, and despised as a result..,

Mello told, “It gave me a great stomach ache to see someone go through that.”

Last month, Mello grew tired of being bullied. According to the reports, he afterwards begged his mother Anita James to accompany him to the store so he could use his money to purchase his pal a pair of shoes. She consented.

According to the Post, Mello saved $135 from his allowance to purchase the pair of black-and-white Nike Dunks. The following school day, he presented them to Melvin.

Melvin expressed gratitude to the Post for Mello’s action. “I was completely stunned,” he stated. “I felt quite thrilled and astonished.”

Melvin placed his new shoes on the desk of Bryant Brown Jr., Dean of Culture at Buffalo Creek Academy, according to a report by WGRZ. After discovering what had transpired, Brown informed the world of Mello’s generous act.

“My student Melo informed me he was weary of other students making fun of Melvin’s shoes,” Brown said on Facebook, adding later, “This is what I live for to lend a helping hand.”

Melo told WGRZ that he knows how it feels to be bullied since he has experienced it himself. The boy stated, “I was teased because of my height in every grade I attended.”

“And because of how it made me feel, I felt that nobody other should have to experience it,” he continued.,.

Melvin stated that he is performing additional activities at home in an effort to thank his friend for the present. Mello, though, insists otherwise…

“You are not required to repay me,” he assured his pal. This is simply a gift from me to you.

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