She Met Her Long-Lost Father, Who Was Unaware of Her Existence, Thanks to a Facebook Stranger.

A woman successfully reunited with her long-lost father, a guy who had no idea she existed, with the help of an amateur detective she met on Facebook.

Adrieanna Tyler believed she knew her father until she overheard him refer to her as his stepdaughter at the age of 13.

Since then, she desired to know who her biological father was, but she was never able to obtain information about him.

Now a 33-year-old mother in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who is married to a truck driver, she remembered, “I was desperate to identify my biological father; it was always important to me.”

This year, she resumed the hunt by obtaining a DNA test kit and contacting a Facebook organization whose members assist strangers in reuniting with long-lost relatives.

This amazing woman named Suzanne on the group assisted me in constructing my family tree, and after another DNA test, we located my aunt.

They located her 47-year-old aunt, Kathie Johnson, and then discovered her biological father, a Florida police officer who lived 1,000 miles away.

“She said she would connect me with my father, and I was so anxious! How do you just ask someone, “Are you my father?”

Joseph Frank, according to Adrieanna’s report to the SWNS news service, was overjoyed to find he not only had another daughter, but also two little grandkids.

“When he learned about me, he was ecstatic, and it was a great relief. Before, I felt so vulnerable, in case he had no interest in me.”

After a month of daily messaging and video talking to get to know one another, Joseph traveled from Florida to Pennsylvania so that they could meet for the first time in person.

It was wonderful that we spent some time getting to know each other before actually meeting. It felt like a dream.”

They met last week at a local festival near her residence, and are now arranging a family vacation.

During the emotional meeting, they shared pizza, and she learned that she has two half-sisters her age.

Dad Joseph concurred: “It’s been quite incredible. God’s ways are inscrutable..

“At the moment Adrieanna entered my life, I was going through a difficult breakup, and I needed that tremendously.

When I learned about my daughter, the void in my heart was filled once more.

Joseph recalled having a “summer romance” with Adrieanna’s mother while working on his uncle’s farm in the 1980s. According to Joseph, they grew close but never communicated again, and he was unaware that she was ever pregnant.

“He stated that he had always desired children and was thrilled to become my parent.

Joseph spent three days with the family, which Adrieanna described as “a weird experience.”

It was emotionally charged. I sobbed all weekend. Only until you stand next to someone do you notice how similar you look.,.

“To think I’ve waited my entire life for that moment. “The wait was well worth it.

Joseph continued, “At first, we were both apprehensive, but we quickly learned that we share many similarities.

“I enjoyed meeting my grandchildren, Maximus, 4, and Preslee, 2.” We took our time, but by the time I left, they were upset that I was leaving.

It is very thrilling to begin arranging our future together..,

Adrieanna stated, “I couldn’t stop thinking that there is a dad out there who should know he had two grandchildren. I didn’t want to die knowing I hadn’t tried.”

“I feel like I can now begin to heal now that I know the reason he didn’t want me was because he didn’t even know I existed.

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