VIDEO: Dwayne Johnson Shocks a ‘Real-life Hero’ by Bringing Him on Television to Honor His Service.

Watch the video below..

The chance to meet Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is once-in-a-lifetime, but charity superhero Yuri Williams received so much more than a handshake when Johnson chose to do something special for him.

The Rock surprised Yuri on live television, invited him back to the Good Morning America studio to offer him VIP tickets to the premiere of Dwayne Johnson’s new film “Black Adam,” raise awareness for Yuri’s work, and add another suit to his costume collection.

Williams is one man, but he is many heroes; Deadpool, Spiderman, and The Mandalorian are all costumes he dons to bring a smile to the faces of those in need, including the homeless, ailing children, elderly, and veterans.

Last year, GNN stated that his position at the vanguard of fun enabled his charity, A Future Superhero and Friends, to organize toy drives, blood drives, school supply giveaways, kid art festivals, and so much more in every state.

The majority of his time is spent seeing youngsters with severe needs or who are seriously ill.

“Yuri is literally the first person to make A.J. smile,” said Katrina Morgan, whose son was born with a cleft lip..

After fighting with despair during and after his mother’s 2009 death from cancer, Yuri determined that the greatest way to rehabilitate was to alleviate others’ suffering…

Dwayne told Yuri on Good Morning America, “We’ve never met before, but I’m really proud of you and the work that you do because, as I always like to say, what you’re doing is the best part of celebrity.”

The Rock’s exuberant, larger-than-life demeanor, which frequently involves a big hug or a surprise present for a fan or hero, contributed to his meteoric climb to stardom as Hollywood’s highest-paid actor.

In January, GNN claimed that The Rock surprised a fan and Navy veteran by donating his personal pickup truck.,.

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