VIDEO: China Sends Expert Team to Taiwan to Assist with Panda’s Care.

Watch the video below..

This week, when a couple of Chinese giant panda specialists visited Taiwan to assist with the treatment of a panda named Tuan Tuan, panda diplomacy was successful in Taiwan.

The Chinese vets will remain for some time to provide Tuan Tuan with the finest care possible, despite a recent escalation in hostilities between the neighbors across the Taiwan Strait.

Tuan Tuan had a malignant brain tumor, and the malignancy was advancing, according to MRI images. His Taiwanese caregivers noticed it after he began becoming extremely lethargic.

Zhang Meifang, the Consul General of China in Belfast, stated on Monday that Tuan Tuan’s tumor was not as severe as initially thought…

Eric Tsao, a spokeswoman for the zoo, stated that the parties were combining their expertise to offer Tuan Tuan with “the greatest therapy and the best daily care.”

Tuan Tuan and his mate, Yuan Yuan, were relocated to the Taipei Zoo in 2008, during a period of especially cordial relations between China and Taiwan.

“Panda Diplomacy” refers to China’s practice of sending giant pandas to zoos throughout the world to raise awareness of the extinction risk and enhance relations with the host nation.

Wu Honglin and Wei Ming have extensive expertise dealing with pandas at the primary breeding and research center in Sichuan Province, one of the panda’s native homes…

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