Daughter of Kyle Richards Admits She and Paris Hilton Are…

Farrah Brittany, the daughter of Kyle Richards, has revealed how the long-simmering resentment between her mother and aunt Kathy Hilton has altered the family dynamic.

The 34-year-old star of Buying Beverly Hills claimed that she and her cousin Paris Hilton avoid discussing family turmoil.

“We do not discuss it. It’s too unpleasant, “On Wednesday’s episode of #NoFilter with Zack Peter, the reality star said.

“We’re both quite protective of our mothers, but we’re also really close,” she continued. “If we allowed this to disrupt our dynamic, it would be too traumatic and difficult to undo.

We let our mothers do their thing and ignore it.”

Brittany claimed that she wants to publicly support her mother in light of the drama shown in the 12th season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“Before, I would simply respond, “Mom, who cares what others say?” Like nothing,’ “She elaborated. “During the most recent season of her show, though, I was quite agitated.

I wanted to tell each person, “You don’t know everything, you just don’t know””

“It also bothers me that she gave so much for so many years and was so adored,” she continued. “However, this audience is extremely fickle. ..,

They want to see what they want to see; if they like certain people, they can do wrong, but if they turn on you, there’s nothing you can do right, which makes you wonder where the loyalty is.”

Brittany expresses her hope that her mother and aunt can reconcile in the near future, stating, “Hopefully, everything will be OK soon. It is quite difficult to deal with.”

Nonetheless, tensions between the two appeared to boil over during the three-part RHOBH reunion.

When Andy Cohen gathered the women to discuss the season, Kyle asked her sister why she was angry with her, but Kathy refused to discuss it.

Kyle stated, “Once again, everything is my fault,” forcing Kathy to depart the stage. “Now, the task is literally completed. I cannot sit here at the moment.

I cannot fake a toast. I’m not in a good place right now, and I don’t want to stay for the toast.”

“You’ve been crying for quite some time, Kyle. Clearly, you are still really furious over everything involving your sister.

Do you believe that the two of you can work this out?” inquired Cohen. They both expressed their optimism.

Prior to the reunion, a source told PEOPLE that there was “a lot of heated tension” between the sisters due to Kathy’s meltdown during the cast trip to Aspen.

“They cannot reconcile, and the situation is so problematic because nobody is compromising. Kyle has supported her sister Kathy for years, but no matter what she does, Kathy is never content “The source includes.

“What we are witnessing is the result of years of unresolved family trauma”

Although the sisters’ relationship has always been tumultuous, an insider claims that this moment is “difficult” because this is the “first time” Paris and Nicky Hilton Rothschild have had to intercede.

“They were raised together. Long ago, Kyle served as the Hilton family’s spokesperson. They always reconcile, but this time is a little different because Kathy is on camera.

She has not been compelled to be weak. Kathy and Kyle have only communicated via text message since the reconnection “the insider reports that

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may be seen in its entirety on Peacock, while the first season of Buying Beverly Hills is currently available on Netflix.

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