VIDEO: Fat Joe Opens Up About How Son with Autism ‘Inspires Him’

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Fat Joe discusses his story as a parent of four children.

Fat Joe appeared on The View on Tuesday to promote his recently-released biography The Book of Jose. As he exited, anchor Ana Navarro congratulated him on having “the most gorgeous family”

“You live for them,” she continued, naming Joe’s wife Lorena, daughter Azariah, 16 — “who has you wrapped around her little finger,” she joked — and sons Ryan, 26, and Joey, 32.

Rapper discussed incorporating his autistic kid Joey’s story in his autobiography when discussing his autistic son.

“My entire book is a transparent book,” he explained. “It is about failures and successes. It’s about knowing you can grin at the end of difficult circumstances.”

Explaining that he is “very proud” of Joey, he referred to him as “the family patriarch.”

“He motivates me. He is such a blessing in our lives that he is nearly an angel “said the rapper. Little Joey is a gift that keeps on giving, and I am so proud of him.

Fat Joe, who raised Joey as a single dad from the age of 19 with the assistance of his parents till the time of his marriage, reflected on his experience as a father while celebrating Joey’s birthday in December of last year.

“How do you express gratitude to someone who has brought you so much happiness in life? How do you express gratitude to your closest and most loyal friend? “I am so proud of Joey; he is my heart and soul,” the “All The Way Up” lyrics state “The artist revealed.

“I love you Joey, we all love you Joey, and I thank you for being the greatest blessing of my life.

God bless you, Happy Birthday, Joey “He composed..,

In an appearance on the A&E series Origins of Hip Hop earlier this year, the rapper discussed his 1995 marriage to Lorena…

The hitmaker remarked, “We made a vow.” “We declared, “No matter what comes our way, we will remain together.” We adhere to this rule. ..

We wish to demonstrate to our people that a man can be a family man. You can be with your spouse and still be successful and a great example to others.”

Watch the video.

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