6 High School Football Players Combine Their Strength to Rescue Injured Woman Trapped in a Wrecked Car. They tried their best but…

A gang of muscular high school football players happened to be passing by a distressed Georgian woman, and she is eternally grateful to them.

Their combined might was enough to break open the stuck door of the woman’s crushed automobile, allowing the rescuers to reach the seriously hurt driver inside.

Treyvon Adams, 16, Antwion Carey, 16, Cesar Parker, 16, Messiah Daniels, Tyson Brown, 17, and Alto Moore, 16, all rode to school in Adam’s car that morning (or, in the case of Caesar, rode with his mom).

The sight of the crashed vehicle prompted them to take immediate action.

According to Adams’s interview with CNN, the group “went as fast as we could” to check on the woman and make sure she was fine. We could tell she was in distress because of her cries for rescue.

There was so much bending and mangled metal that the car was a total loss. The youths pried off the passenger door without thinking, but then realized they needed to take off the other door as well if they wanted to get to her…

“We flexed every muscle,” Adams declared. We’re a robust bunch, and we can hold our own. To prepare for football, we often to the gym, where we inevitably bend and break things. Everything transpired in within a minute…

By the time they had removed the woman from the car and checked on the second motorist involved in the accident, the teens were on their way back to school.

Adams acknowledged that the group’s act was receiving a lot of positive attention and praise, which their professors praised and which the school facilitated.

Referenced in a tweet reading, “PROUD of our MEN!,” the school’s football team expressed their pride in its male student athletes.

Like any great heroes, the teenagers acknowledged that the praise was appreciated, but that their heroic act could have been performed by anyone.

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