Adorable Grandmother Took Notes During 30 Marvel Superhero Films so She Can Relate to her Grandkids… See what are the notes…

A grandma was caught on camera taking notes during a Marvel superhero movie marathon, which at this time includes 30 films.

She was doing this so that she could be closer to her grandchildren and chat to them about the things that interest them.

Jackson King, Cheryl Skiados’s grandson, filmed his grandmother while she was watching one of her Marvel movies. Cheryl Skiados is in her seventies.

Grandparents around the world, whether they live in Kuala Lumpur, Kingston, or Vancouver, can certainly all relate to the topic of “the youngsters today.”

Skiados has a total of 13 grandchildren, ranging in age from six to twenty-two, and all of them are huge fans of Marvel…

She came to the conclusion that, rather than dismissing their pursuits as meaningless, as many grandparents are wont to do, she would make an effort to bring herself up to speed with the younger generation.

Jackson, who is 18 years old, shared the following: “I just moved in with my grandparents, and my grandmother is working her way through all of the Marvel movies.”

“She is viewing them in the order that they were released, and she asked if I wanted to watch one with her, so of course I replied “yes.” She is watching them in the order that they were released…

“I think it really shows how much she cares about her grandchildren because she is willing to sit there for hours on end and watch superhero movies, and take notes on them just so she can have something extra to talk to her grandkids about,” I said. ..

“I think it really shows how much she cares about her grandchildren.”

There are currently thirty films on the watchlist, the most recent of which is titled “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.”

The list, which began with “Iron Man” in 2008, has even more films scheduled for release in 2023 and beyond.

The film has moved the hearts of many people who are active on the internet, as evidenced by the fact that it has garnered approximately seven million views on a single video and hundreds of thousands of likes.

“It gained widespread attention very rapidly. It hit one million views within a day of me posting it,” Jackson recalled.

“I was shocked.” “I’ve got it in my head that I uploaded the video on TikTok.

After that, I put my phone away and watched an episode of a television show; when I returned to my phone, I discovered that I had received more than 3,000 alerts.

In one of the clips, Skiados had just finished watching the 2017 picture Spiderman: Homecoming and has approximately 14 more movies to view.

Jackson claims that “since the man is hot,” Thor is her favorite movie out of all the ones she’s seen so far.

“Everyone in the family adores it. Everyone agrees that Gran is receiving the praise and admiration she deserves for being such an incredible grandma.

In response to the attention that was given to her, Skiados stated that she “thinks it’s funny” and that “her heart was warmed, and she felt touched by all of the comments.”

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