‘People say I should change my son’s name; now I’m regretting it.’ See why..

Anyone who has ever announced their new baby’s name to friends and relatives will be familiar with the mixed reactions: surprise, joy, puzzled faces, or outright rudeness.

That was the experience of one new mother, who sought consolation after others pointed out her son’s name’s unfortunate resemblance to another harsh word.

It’s been difficult for her to ignore her mother’s attitude, who has made her emotions regarding the name of her new grandson rather plain.

The mother took to Reddit to explain the situation, saying: “We recently welcomed a kid, whom we named Ansel. Two individuals have subsequently told me that we should have named him “A**hole.

“My mother even spent the first week of his birth attempting to get us to change it, and her “disapproval” of his name has been, to say the least, heartbreaking.”

Her friends and mother were uninterested in learning why they chose the name Ansel, despite the fact that there was a meaningful purpose for it.

“We chose the name because it means ‘divine protection’ and ‘God’s helmet,'” the mother explained.

“As we watched Ansel suffer in the NICU, my spouse and I went through an emotional, spiritual naming process.”

They are fortunate to have other friends who have been quite supportive: “They love his name, especially its connection to Ansel Adams.”

Despite this, she can’t get the nasty “a**hole” statement out of her head, and it’s making her reconsider her name choice.

“I’m still so outraged over the butt correlation that I’m having trouble calling him by his name. Yes, I am sensitive, especially right now. But is it worth it to change his name for his and our sakes?”

It’s a terrible circumstance for a new mother, yet Reddit comments have been overwhelmingly helpful and sympathetic.

“The only a**holes here are those who stated it in the first place,” one commenter added. “Ansel is a fantastic name.”

Another interesting viewpoint was provided by another: “I like to evaluate baby names through the prism of a “childhood bully,” and “a**hole” isn’t something I would’ve thought of for Ansel. To me, it’s a bit of a stretch.

“I believe the two folks you encountered were simply projecting their best qualities onto your child lol.”

Someone with a son with a similar name stated: “My son’s name is Axel, and we had the same comments and concerns. I choose to disregard them. Ansel is a fantastic name!”

“If you like the name, keep it,” remarked another. He is your child, not theirs. Ansel is a lovely name. Ignore the naysayers. Your mother will eventually accept it.”

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