Nurse Rescues Her Patient’s Dog From a Shelter After Getting a Heart-Felt Phone Call… See What Happened…

“With faithfulness, I will do my best to assist the physician in his job, and I will devote myself to the well-being of people who have been entrusted to my care,” the caregiver said.

Every day, nurses take to heart these words from the Florence Nightingale oath and work hard to safeguard the wellbeing of their patients.

However, some nurses, like registered nurse Jennifer Smith, take their dedication to patient care to an even higher level.

In November of the previous year, Smith received a frantic phone call from one of her patients, John Burley, who was participating in the adult day health care program at the Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Rome, New York.

Because he did not have any close relatives in the area who were able to assist him when he was hospitalized with pneumonia, his dog Boomer was brought to an animal shelter.

Smith remembered the incident in an interview with CNN. “I walked into work the Monday after Thanksgiving to the phone ringing at 7 in the morning,” Smith said.

“John was calling from his hospital room announcing that “Boomer is in the pound!” “Boomer was just taken to the pound!”

When Smith was asked by Burley if she would be willing to take care of Boomer, her instant response was a hearty “Of course I would!”

Smith was well aware that the 12-year-old dog, which she had known since it was a puppy, meant the world to Burley.

Smith’s first order of business was to locate Boomer, which he did by visiting the Rome Humane Society where he was eventually located.

The next day, she got in her car and proceeded to the animal shelter to initiate the adoption process. While there, she informed Burley that Boomer was doing well and that he would be returning soon.

Smith was given permission to bring Boomer with her to work, so she did just that.

She claims that knowing his cherished canine buddy was safe and that they will be able to see one another made a significant contribution to Burley’s speedy recovery from his injuries.

Smith took Boomer to see his doggy daddy multiple times a day while he was recovering in the rehabilitation wing of the hospital.

The adorable puppy was an instant hit, not just with the staff but also with the patients.

Helping other people has always been one of Smith’s top priorities in life, and she sees maintaining the friendship between Boomer, age 60, and Burley, also 60, as a logical extension of that mission.

“There are just so many different things to be concerned about in the world right now.

According to what she told CNN, “if I can take away even one worry from John, then that’s the least I can do.”

“I am unable to treat medical conditions. Although I cannot do miracles, I have committed to keeping John’s vow to look after Boomer.

I will look after him for as long as he requires my assistance. John is aware of that. At this point, we are concentrating on John’s recovery and trying to take things one day at a time.

Due to the fact that Burley’s sickness causes him to have speech difficulties, it might be challenging for him to properly express his gratitude at times.

Nevertheless, there is one thought that he has successfully communicated in a clear and audible manner: “I adore Jennifer,” he has stated.

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