15-Year-old Turns School Bathroom into $56,000 Sweets Empire… You won’t believe who is he…

Even though this young entrepreneur is only 15 years old, he has already established himself as a role model for business at his school.

Nathan John-Baptiste, a student from London, makes his income by operating a business out of the boy’s restroom at his school, where he sells candies and Coke to other students.

What began as a project that allowed him to make some extra money on the side evolved into a full-fledged business that was conducted at three different educational institutions.

The “Wolf of Walthamstow,” as he is affectionately known, offered all of his wares to his contemporaries at a price that was lower than normal.

At Nathan’s “shop,” also known as the Walking Talking Shop, a candy bar that would typically cost approximately one dollar was sold for approximately fifty cents.

Every day, Nathan would post a menu of the many desserts available on Snapchat, along with the prices of each item. After that, during the lunch break, he would sell the items that the pupils had ordered after first taking their orders.

Nathan was able to start raking in $300 per day, which is equivalent to approximately $56,000 per year, when he recruited eleven of his buddies as “workers.”

Nathan is said to have purchased dozens of tailored clothes for himself and gone out to eat at upscale restaurants throughout the city, despite the fact that the Wolf is still a young man.

Unfortunately, the school found out about his business and demanded that he stop running it immediately after learning of it.

Nathan claims that he is not going to wallow in grief over the loss of his income because he has already put away many thousand dollars in preparation for his next endeavor.

According to what he said to the Daily Mail, “I can’t sell sweets for the rest of my life.” “I would like to become a stock broker because it is one of the places where I want to put my money.

I also want to invest one hundred percent of my money in real estate. The goal is to amass a fortune of one million dollars. It all comes down to putting forth the effort.

The fact that her son has an entrepreneurial spirit makes Nathan’s mother immensely pleased; nonetheless, she admits that she is more relieved than anything else that he is not using that desire to sell illegal substances.

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