Australian Woman Finds Koala Hanging Out in Her Christmas Tree… What she does to koala will surprise you…

After a live koala accidentally made its way into Amanda McCormick’s home and climbed up the branches of her white pine Christmas tree, she discovered that her tree had a new decoration.

She had some good luck in that she was able to take images before she called a wildlife rescue agency at 1300KOALAZ.

The charitable organization posted on its Facebook page, “Our hotline operator accepted a call.” At first, she was under the impression that she had received a prank phone call.

They enthusiastically claimed that the koala was “desperate to get in the Christmas spirit.”

Amanda, who lives in Coromandel Valley in southern Australia, is not without company in her neighborhood. According to Dee Hearne-Hellon, co-founder of 1300Koalaz and a koala expert, koalas have been known to break into homes on occasion.

Perhaps much more so when there is a lovely tree that one can climb.

The young female was let loose in the neighborhood, which is located in an area that is rich in suitable habitat for koalas, and she quickly made her way up a tree in the area.

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