Watch Woman’s Emotional Response to Strangers Giving Her Cash After She Paid for Gas in Pennies… But then woman does this…

The Internet comic Carlos Davis and his brother were at a petrol station the previous month when they spotted a woman paying for her gas with pennies.

They were aware that they wanted to do something kind for the bereaved widow, but they had no idea how much of an effect it would have on her.

Davis is seen handing the woman some cash in a video that he uploaded to his Twitter page.

Davis can be seen opening his wallet and handing the woman some cash.

She was taken aback by the thoughtful gesture and confessed that her husband had gone away not long ago and that since his passing, she has been having difficulty making ends meet financially.

Davis and his brother both give the woman a hug as soon as she begins to cry, and Davis tries to reassure her by speaking words of comfort.

He informed the woman, “It’s only right we gotta stick together. It’s the only right thing to do.”

They respond by telling her to “pay it forward” whenever she inquires about how she might repay them.

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