Actors of your favourite TV series. What do they look like now?

The Songbird (alikusu) was a film that was adapted from Reshat Nuri Gyuntekin’s wonderful novel, and everyone watched it. In the late 1980s, spectators of the love story waited with bated breath to see what would happen next.

Since then, more over thirty years have gone; how have the actors evolved during that time?

The first season of the series debuted in 1986 and quickly became a fan favorite for many thousands of viewers.

In the year 1963, Aidan was born in the community of Kilis. The girl’s mother was a musicologist and her father was a housewife when she was born.

They say that the actress’s ancestors came to Turkey from Kazan, but nobody knows for sure.

It was difficult to ignore the girl’s stunning appearance because she stood out so much. Her first victory came in 1981 when she was given the title of “Miss Turkey.”

After that, the directors began to take note of her, and there were offers of employment in advertising.

The young actress made her debut in the film industry in 1983. At the time, she was playing a role in the television series The Little Boss.

She was cast in the role of Ferede in the television series “Korolek – a singing bird” after the inexperienced director Osman F. Seden took notice of her and called her.

The girl’s life got off to a good start with the seven episodes of the drama. The Beauty Feride brand has garnered a lot of attention from people all over the world.

After that, he appeared in the films “Milky Way,” “Branded Roses,” and “Two Faces near Istanbul.”

However, there are negative aspects associated with success as well. The actress’s husband, the Turkish footballer Ayhan Akib, was always envious of her.

He presented the actress with a veil on the occasion of one of her birthdays. The actress ended her relationship with her husband and took their daughter Edge with her when she left.

This was a devastating blow to their family.

The actress never remarried and instead chose to raise her daughter on her alone. She puts in a lot of effort, assists animals, and works for charitable organizations.

Even at her advanced age, the Turkish actress has not lost any of her natural beauty or allure.

The similarities between mother and daughter Aidan are striking. She is not just stunning but also an idealist with strong principles who has decided to pursue a career in architecture and design.

After playing the role of an attractive Turkish man in this series, he awoke to find himself living out the fantasy of thousands of women. He had a very eventful professional life.

The actor was born in 1961 into a family in which his mother was a chemistry instructor and his father was in the military.

After receiving his diploma from Marmar University, he made the decision to embark on a journey to Berlin. There, he underwent the transformation that would lead to his career as an actor.

Helpless was the film in which he made his acting debut in 1976. After that, he had a part in the movie “Passion,” and that’s when people started paying attention to him and giving him positive reviews.

However, it was Kenan’s performance as Kamran in the television series “Korolek – a singing bird” that garnered him his greatest level of success. Almost overnight, he rose to prominence.

After the television series was broadcast, the actor was inundated with offers, and he reached the pinnacle of his career before mysteriously vanishing off the face of the earth…

It turned out that in the year 1990, something unexpected took place: illegal substances were discovered in Kenan’s suitcase at the airport in Barcelona.

The actor was taken into custody and given a prison sentence of ten years’ duration. All of the actor’s close friends and acquaintances came out in support of him, and some of them even sent a petition for clemency to King Carlos of Spain.

After only 6 years, he was granted an early release.

After being freed, Kenan decided to remain in Spain. He started a restaurant there at first, but after a while he decided to move back to Turkey.

He resumed his acting profession, much to the satisfaction of the people watching him perform.

Since the year 2000, Kalaeva has been in a number of films, some of which are Sultan, He Was a Star, Angel Island, Dog, and Many Years Later.

The actor has not given up on his career in Spain and continues to make frequent trips there.

In addition to continuing to perform in films produced in Turkey, he maintains three restaurants, which he runs jointly with his son Kankurt.

The actor prefers to maintain his anonymity.

The news that the actor had been married to Nesre Tan for 17 years came as a surprise to the journalists.

In 1991, the couple welcomed a child into the world. In 2006, the family was officially dissolved, and a few years later, the actor wed Yoshime Saiensoi.

A young woman named Munise hails from a secluded village.

Mine Chayyroglu, the young actress who performed this part in the movie, was just 10 years old when production on the movie began.

At this point in her career, she is recognized all throughout the country as a stunning actress.

Mine Cayyroglu is well-known in Turkey, not only for her cinema appearances, but also for her singing in many musical projects.

The audience adores the stunning woman because she possesses a beautiful voice. There are more than 15 films to be found in the actress’s filmography.

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