See how fast kids of Julia Roberts grew…

Julia Roberts is a well-known, brilliant, and stunning Hollywood actress, and we are all familiar with her. However, Julia came into her own as a person via motherhood, in addition to having a great acting career.

The celebrity is the parent of three children: girl and boy twins named Hazel Patricia and Finneas Walter, as well as a younger son named Henry Daniel Moder.

Currently, Hazel is a student in Los Angeles, where she attends a prestigious private school, where she excels academically.

In addition, the young lady has previously tried her hand at acting, and although she has been in a number of movies, she has her sights set on a career in modeling.

Since Julia severely prohibited her children from creating accounts on social networks, fans of the actress are continually searching for odd photographs that might provide a glimpse of her children’s faces.

But just recently, Daniel Moder, Julia Roberts’ husband, revealed an extremely rare snapshot of the couple’s family. “The adorable mother is in the middle.

We love you so much!” The photo’s caption was written by Daniel.

The actress also did not overlook Mother’s Day and shared a stunning photo with her devoted following of fans.

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