After the garbage man watched my kids for 25 minutes, I hired him as a full-time babysitter…

As I was getting ready to go, I called Nurse Carla and asked, “Are you sure Dr. Morales is not available?”

The good news is that Dr. Morales will make every effort to return to the office as soon as he can. Seeing as how you’re in the area, I figured I’d give you a ring. Interns are clueless and need to be replaced.

I realize this is your day off, but I was at a loss as to what to do. The nurse inquired, “Could you come?” while concealing her concern.

As soon as I can, I’ll be there. I said, “I need to locate a sitter,” and then I abruptly ended the call.

The only person I trusted with my three mischievous kids was Vicky, so I didn’t hesitate to give her a call.

Before I had the support of my husband Peter, I was a surgeon for many years. We had agreed that he would be the primary caregiver for the kids, and he had taken that role at home.

But then he had a heart attack and died, leaving me in control.

Now I had to arrange for babysitters in case of sudden emergency. They were horrible, difficult children. There were two nannies who had quit after only one day on the job.

Unfortunately, they started rumors that my three kids, aged three, seven-year-old Cristina, and nine-year-old Lucy, were out of control.

Worse still, they were correct. They were lucky that Vicky still agreed to watch the kids.

So sorry, Mrs. Olivia. Today is not a good day for me to babysit. I’m unwell and can hardly move,” Vicky stated. I urged her to go to sleep and then disconnected the call.

My children were well-known to the nursery workers at the hospital, and they and I had argued before. Even if they were my last hope, I had to abandon them.

Kids started calling out, “Uncle Beto! Uncle Beto!” suddenly.

A sigh escaped my lips. Nobody in the family could claim an uncle. Everyone in the neighborhood loved the trash man, and the kids started calling him “uncle” since he was so nice to them.

My kids absolutely adored him, and I had known him for years.

After Jose Luis unlocked the front door, everyone rushed to meet him.

Seeing them have fun with Beto made me happy. After their father died, my children became tiny devils.

The therapist assured me it was typical and temporary, but I was skeptical. I was lost and confused and felt like a total failure.

I got an idea when I observed the kids greet Uncle Beto with hugs and pleas to play. I told myself, “This has to work,” and set out to find them.

“Roberto, I have somewhat of a strange request,” I told the trash man. I recognize your hectic schedule.

But I was hoping to see if you could babysit my kids for 25 minutes. My kids looked at me in disbelief as I said, “I have to check on something urgent at the hospital, and I don’t have anyone else.”

Yes, Dr. Sierra. I can keep an eye on them for a while,” he said, nodding and grinning.

Work is what they provide. I said it apologetically, but I’m warning you.

Don’t stress. Just do it. He assured me that what I was doing was vital. I left the house quickly, praying that it wouldn’t be too badly damaged.

Due to traffic and the patient’s worsening condition, the trip took much longer than 25 minutes. Three hours had passed before I was able to leave because of the emergency surgery I had to attend.

The fact that Roberto had pressing duties to attend to made me feel terrible. As quickly as I could, I got into my car and drove home.

“Beto! Beto! Please accept my apologies.” I opened the door and yelled out, but my voice cracked as I froze.

My entire home… wait, is this really my home? Certainly not; it was immaculate. There were usually crayons, paper, and toys (and sometimes peanut butter smears) all over the floor at my house. I know. Terrible. Leave me alone.

“How did your procedure go, Dr. Sierra? Is that the case? asked Beto as he entered the room from the hall.

“What the heck is going on? Where I live… To put it simply, you can’t recognize it. And why aren’t the kids running around and screaming?” I said, bewildered.

When he said, “Lucy is napping; Cristina and Jose Luis are in their rooms, reading,” I thought my jaw would hit the floor.

“Are you freaking serious?”

With a grin on his face, he said, “No, you can see for yourself.”

No matter how hard I tried, my brain refused to believe what I was seeing with my own eyes. However, Beto had been honest with me.

I was curious as to “how” you accomplished this.

Excuse me, Doctor Sierra. Once upon a time, when my kids were young, I was a single parent. His were “ten times worse than these three angels,” he joked.

I always read them books and showed them how to take care of themselves. Your kids must have been overjoyed. Perhaps they might benefit from having access to a larger library.

Dazed, I nodded my head. My kids had never been nicknamed “angels,” and they showed zero enthusiasm for the books in our home.
Incredulous, I said softly.

What can I say? Beto replied as he grabbed his work jacket from the back of a chair, “But I have to go.

“Oh, absolutely. Please accept my sincere apologies for my tardiness. I touched my forehead and whispered, “I feel horrible for you.” Double or nothing!

“No. No. He shook his head, “I don’t need money.”

“Please. With a pleading gaze, I asked for the more time. I had no doubt that Beto would agree.

He laughed and said, “Okay, I’ll treat the kids to something pleasant. Have a wonderful day, Dr. Sierra!

I thanked them yet again.

For the rest of the afternoon, my children behaved perfectly, and I came close to tears of relief. There has never been a better day than that one.

I decided to call Beto and offer him a full-time babysitting job with triple his present pay and medical benefits.

Actually, I didn’t have to exert any effort. He expressed to me his gratitude for the opportunity to care for them.

It was with Beto’s guidance that I realized my kids needed a protector because they lacked the kind of father figure their dad provided.

When I finally figured out how to fix the issue, I was overjoyed. Beto treated my kids with respect, tolerance, and love when he talked to them.

When he was around, my kids stopped screaming and wrecking the house, and I was able to become closer to them as a result. Our relationship deepened daily.

In my eyes, Beto has become a true hero. As time went on, I realized that he was sent to me by the cosmos precisely because he was the father figure my kids desperately needed.

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