The 18-year-old girl made it to the “Miss Italy” coronation. People froze when she raised her dress’ hem…

In recent times, the most improbable happenings all around the world have become an increasing amount of remarkable.

We discuss beauty contests, in which there are an increasing number of brave competitors who have come to demonstrate that beauty is a relative concept.

The focus of everyone’s attention was directed at Chiara Bordi, who is 18 years old and is competing in the “Miss Italy” competition.

As the first person to compete in a beauty pageant geared toward individuals with impairments, she went down in the annals of history as a pioneering figure. The girl is missing one of her legs.

The girl was riding her bicycle when she fell beneath a car when she was 13 years old, and she lost a portion of her left leg as a result.

Chiara has had a really challenging time recovering, particularly from a psychological standpoint.

In order to adjust to her new “me,” the girl entered the contest, not so much with the intention of winning as she was to demonstrate that life is lovely regardless of the circumstances.

It came as a surprise to everyone, including Chiara, that she was able to compete in the championship round.

The judgment of the jury put Chiara Bordi in third place, and she was awarded this position.

– My participation in the beauty contest came to an end with a third-place finish. After putting in some effort for a few days, I was rewarded with a fantastic opportunity, which resulted in an unexplainable sense of fulfillment… This has made me very pleased.

The fact that so many people were critical of the girl is the oddest aspect of this story.

Some people believed that the girl got this far because the jurors pity the girl because she had a disability and they felt sorry for her.

In response to comments of this nature, Chiara would say, “You have no heart or brain, and I have no legs.”

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