Cute scene: A compassionate gorilla went up to a mother holding her newborn child…

While sharing their infants, these two mothers experience heartfelt moments.

The moment Pablo was dragged toward us by Kiki, who was on the opposite side of the fence, my wife raised our son to show him.

One of the most profound human experiences is becoming a parent, and this is true for all living things.

These two women exchange heartwarming interactions while holding their infants, one of whom is a gorilla.

These parents’ encounter with a gorilla at Boston’s Franklin Park Zoo touched their hearts when they brought their one-month-old infant there.

It’s no mystery that moms and their offspring share a special link, and this video proves it even when one of the mothers is an animal.

At the start of the movie, gorilla Kiki approaches the glass to view the month-old Canyon, and the enormous primate is aware to be as gentle as possible.

The tender exchange started with Kiki gently touching the glass and giving her a perpetual motherly glare. Kiki had another person she wanted the pair to meet after admiring the newborn: Pablo, her 7-month-old child.

Kiki invites adorable Pablo to meet her new pals. Now that she is a mother herself, my wife said she felt like she could understand their relationship and see how much she feels for Pablo.

Emmeline and Kiki sat with their kids, experiencing a connection that is unique to women.

In those moments, their shared emotions were all that counted, and parenthood brought them together.

For the young family, it was an amazing moment—especially now that he has millions of YouTube views.

One of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had, it was. What a priceless memory I’ll one day share with our son!

A gorilla mother bonding with a human mother “might take the top spot in the adorable category,” said Michael. “It’s always emotional to witness two mothers bonding their offspring.”

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