The woman with afro-curly hair. Online leak of Middleton historical images…

Meghan Markle is consistently cited as one of the members of the royal family who garners the greatest interest from the media.

Prior to her accidental meeting with Prince Harry, only a restricted group of people were aware of the lovely woman’s appearance.

Prince Harry was one of those people. A film of the Duchess that was filmed many years before she ever met the prince was uploaded to the internet and made available to the public not too long ago.

“An regular girl,” “Unremarkable,” “I don’t understand what Harry saw in this simpleton,” “The most commonplace,” and “I don’t comprehend what Harry saw in this simpleton.” Others have said things about Kate such as “There are a million of them,” “She didn’t even stand next to Kate,” and “She didn’t even stand next to Harry,” which are examples of comments that have been made by other people.

“Middleton appeared to have been destined for the role of duchess, while Markle is so unassuming,” “If I were to run into Meghan Markle on the street, there is no way I would pay any attention to her,” Some people have described Markle as a “unremarkable person,” which is one of the criticisms that has been leveled against her.

“Middleton appeared to have been predestined for the role of duchess, whereas Markle is so unassuming.”

“I can’t help but wonder what it was about her that won the heart of the prince,” the narrator says. “I can’t help but wonder.”

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