An elderly man brings a flower to the same bench in the park every day; the story behind it will move your heart.․․

There are still wonderful love stories being written today.

For instance, in the city of Fond du Lac in the state of Wisconsin there is an elderly gentleman who visits a park bench on a daily basis to leave flowers and a coin at the bench.

And even substantial snowdrifts are powerless to prevent him from going to the person he loves.

Bud Caldwell and his wife Betty enjoyed a contented and long-lasting marriage of 55 years. The man, however, had to say goodbye to the woman he loved a few years ago.

In order to honor her, he decided to purchase a bench in a nearby park, and now he and his wife have made it a habit to meet there on a daily basis.

A bunch of daisies and a penny are in the bouquet he carries with him. The songs “Pennies From Heaven” and “Daisy A Day” are two of Betty’s all-time favorites, and he sees in it a representation of both of those tunes.

During one particularly snowy winter, when the walking pathways through the park had not been plowed, passers-by came upon an elderly gentleman who was standing in a snow drift in front of a bench.

They approached him to talk, and during their conversation they discovered the story of his love and commitment.

Even though Bud is over 80 years old at this point, he continues to make his way through the snowdrifts to where his wife is sitting.

The dedication shown by this individual moved a lot of people. Now that he has arrived, they have voluntarily cleared the way for him to the bench at the end of the path.

The elderly man had the mistaken belief that no one would notice him. Only he and his beloved are the beneficiaries of his actions. As a result, he was taken aback by the kindness shown to him by complete strangers.

Bud freely acknowledges that he visits the park on a daily basis because he loves his wife very much and intends to continue loving her till the end of his days. Not only does he bring her “things,” but they also have a conversation for a time.

The man updates his wife on his activities and the latest news while also expressing how much he longs to be with her.

These are the kinds of love stories that actually give one hope that perhaps not everything in our world is as terrible as it seems.

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