Francis Perrin didn’t give up on his autistic son, even though doctors told him to….

Francis Perrin and his partner found out a few years ago that their oldest son has autism. Even though the doctors told them not to, the two people in love didn’t give up.

Louis is doing better now. He lives on his own and works as an actor.

Francis Perrin, 74, is a well-known actor who is also lucky in love. In fact, the actor has been dating Gersende Dufromentel for a few years.

When she was in her third year at the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art in Paris, the pretty redhead met her.

From then on, they never let go of each other. In 2002, they even got engaged.

The couple had their first child together the same year. A little boy named Louis was told he had autism when he was only three.

He has a younger sister named Clarisse and an older brother named Baptiste.

Having a child with autism makes it even harder to raise a child. Francis Perrin won’t say something different.

As was already said, Louis’s parents found out he has autism when he was still a very young child.

In a book called “Louis, step by step,” Francis and his wife tell the story of their oldest child.

In an interview with Télé-Loisirs, he also talked about his child. He says that when he and his partner told the doctors that their son has autism, the doctors were not nice to them.

“An ordinary person from the Necker hospital told us, ‘You can mourn your child!'”

Some people have also blamed the couple, saying that their son’s disorder is because they are so much older than him.

They also asked questions about Gersende Dufromentel’s job as an actress and about the color of her hair.

The news that Francis Perrin and his wife’s son had autism was, of course, a big change in their lives.

At first, it wasn’t easy for their oldest to get through each day. His mother said that Louis was “very upset with all the upsets.”

“He did not eat, he did not speak, he did not drink, he did not walk, he did not sleep (…). He was hurting himself,” she went on.

Even if Francis Perrin and his wife had never left their child, they still went through a lot because of the situation.

If the actor had used the bottles to drown his pain, his wife would have gotten sick. At one point, Gersende Dufromentel had to deal with the situation by herself because her husband used alcohol as “a kind of crutch.”

They fought so that Louis could live a normal life.

Francis Perrin and Gersende Dufromentel kept fighting for their son even though things were going wrong. The two lovebirds helped Louis by making him follow an American method called ABA.

The goal is to retrain the behavior of autistic people by stimulating their senses.

His father says that after the first treatments, Louis started to feel better. Francis Perrin said that his son had started to change and had also said his first words at the same time.

“We were crying,” said the actor.

In 2011, the musician also got tired of French schools turning Louis away because he had autism.

In this fight, he could count on the help of his two youngest children, Clarisse and Baptiste, because they chose to stay with their older brother and watch the races from a distance.

So it is Francis Perrin himself who teaches his children. “The only thing they have to do,” he said, is turn in their homework “every two weeks.”

In short, Louis’s whole family can help him deal with his disorder. It goes without saying that their help has helped him change the way he acts.

“He’s independent now, we take him everywhere, and he’s happy,” his father said.

Louis is now living his dream. He has followed the same paths as his parents. Francis Perrin can only be proud of his son’s journey.

With the help of his wife and Louis, he showed that someone with autism can live just like everyone else. In 2019, Louis got on a skateboard for the first time.

In fact, the young man played alongside his famous dad in “A Portrait of Molière” at the Arts Musez Vous Festival of the Don Bosco Institute. At this time, Francis Perrin told France Télévisions about how proud he is of his son.

“I can’t believe what Louis is doing now, knowing where he came from…

“From the time he had severe autism until now, it’s a big deal for him, and most of all, he’s happy,” he said. -he declares.

Two years later, we were able to see Louis’ acting talent again at the Ramatuelle Festival.

This last one is, in fact, on the stage with his sister Clarisse and their parents to perform their version of “L’école des femmes de Molière.”

When asked to promote this piece on “8:30 p.m. on Sunday,” Gersende Dufromentel said, “Everything has been progress, work, love, emotions, and problems.”

He said that playing with Louis had brought all of their hopes together.

He said that he had walked that way with the father of his children. Be aware that Louis has always wanted to perform in front of a big crowd.

A dream that is now coming true. The young man should be happy with himself.

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