A child reveals that the stepfather misled the entire family in order to get the grandmother’s inheritance…

Gregorio told his stepson, Bruno, to leave the room as they were in the living room watching television. Bruno was a little boy.

Bruno jumped up from the couch and said as he did so, “But it’s time for my favorite show!”

“Nobody cares. “Don’t disturb me, just go to your room,” Gregorio said before settling down on the couch to watch some television himself.

As Bruno made his way up to his grandmother’s room instead of his own, he couldn’t help but cry. Despite the fact that he was still crying, she hugged him quite tightly.

“Honey, what could possibly be wrong?” It was grandma Nelly who questioned him.

“Gregorio ejected me from the living room just as I was ready to begin watching my preferred program,” the speaker said. “What gives him such a sour and grouchy disposition?” she questioned.

Grandma Nelly consoled her grandson Bruno by rubbing his back as she murmured, “Oh, dear.” It’s unfortunate that you had to go through that ordeal once more. Would you like to see it? Grandma’s TV works… Also, I have french fries that we can eat together if you’d like.” “What do you say?”

Bruno dabbed his eyes with a tissue and forced a broad grin across his face.

“No one can compare to you, Grandma!” I have a favorite show, and I’d love to share it with you!

Bruno hung out with Grandma Nelly for the entirety of the afternoon in her room, where the two of them watched television, joked around, and shared laughs while snacking on potato chips and drinking tea.

Bruno overheard his mother and stepfather having a conversation one day. Gregory was explaining to Lucy what he planned to do with the house after Grandma Nelly passed away. He suggested to Lucy that they could sell the house and purchase a more manageable apartment with the proceeds, at which point they would be free to spend the money however they pleased.

When Gregorio brought up Lucy’s mother’s passing, Lucy remained silent throughout the conversation. Because he had a short fuse, she avoided saying anything that would make him angry.

As Bruno overheard the chat, he couldn’t help but break down in tears because they were discussing the passing of his cherished grandmother.

“I don’t want Grandma to die,” he said to himself. “Oh, God, please don’t take Grandma away from me!” they pleaded.

Bruno witnessed his stepfather adding something to Grandma Nelly’s drink on the occasion of Grandma Nelly’s eightieth birthday. Gregorio gave the young man an angry glance before returning it.

You better say you didn’t see anything or you’ll get in trouble! He made a threat toward him.

The young man was aware of what it was like to be disciplined by Gregorio, and he vowed to himself that he would never put himself through that again. On the other hand, he had too much love for his grandma to allow anything bad to happen to her.

“Grandma, I don’t want you to drink out of that cup. “Gregorio has something hidden in there,” he murmured to her in a low voice.

Grandma Nelly’s reaction was one of surprise, and she ultimately chose to approach her daughter.

“Lucy! Have you heard that?” she inquired. “How could you possibly treat me like this?”

Even Lucy was taken aback by what Gregorio had done, and she found it hard to believe that the man she had married was capable of doing anything like that, especially to her mother. Lucy’s mother had been particularly affected by what Gregorio had done. She made the decision to give Gregorio the benefit of the doubt and did not confront him about what Bruno had accused him of doing even though she had reason to believe that he was guilty.

Gregorio laughed in their faces when they eventually approached him.

“How could you possibly accept what a boy who is only 8 years old says! Don’t believe him. He tried to cover his tracks by saying, “He watches too many TV shows, and they get into his head.”

Grandma Nelly was aware that she could no longer place her faith in Gregorio and Lucy, which is why she wished for them to leave her home. Bruno pleaded with her to stay with him, and she did so out of fear of what Gregorio may do to Bruno. Bruno urged her to stay with him.

After Gregorio and Lucy had left the house earlier that day, Grandma Nelly checked the covert surveillance cameras that were installed in the primary places of the home that Gregorio was unaware of. After seeing everything, she became enraged.

A few days later, on the third day, Grandma Nelly called Gregorio and Lucy and begged them to come home. Gregorio felt like he was in a state of euphoria after hearing her say that she had some crucial documents that needed to be signed by them.

“Oh, thank heavens your mother believed me rather than your son who spread rumors! While they were driving to Grandma Nelly’s house, he told her that she was going to leave her inheritance to them.

Immediately upon their arrival, Lucy hurried to greet her mother and son with a warm embrace. After then, Nelly gave Gregorio the papers that she had been working on.

Gregorio, with a broad grin on his face, thanked them for putting their faith in them and stated, “Thank you for trusting us with this.” You’re entrusting your wealth to someone who can properly care for it!

Grandma Nelly responded with an affirmative “Of course I do.”

Gregorio did not bother to read the documents before signing, but he did sign in the highlighted section that had his name printed on them. After handing it back to her, he questioned:

When do you think we’ll get around to putting our names on the papers?

Grandma Nelly beamed a grin of contentment at the thought.

She divulged, “As soon as I am able to, I will change them over to be in the name of Lucy and Bruno.”

Regarding you, I want to express my gratitude for signing the divorce papers. You should expect to hear from our attorneys in the near future.

Gregorio’s eyes enlarged as he attempted to reclaim the papers from Nelly’s grasp while at the same time his eyes widened.

He yelled, “No!” in response. “I’m not divorcing Lucy! He screamed, “What are you talking about?” in response to her question.

“Either you leave this place without causing any trouble, or we will call the police and prosecute you with attempted murder.” You make the decision, Gregorio,” Lucy said to him. “I still can’t believe I tied the knot with a psychopath like you,” she said.

Because Gregorio’s worst nightmare was spending time behind bars, he made the decision to withdraw the charges against him. He left in his vehicle and did not return to Grandma Nelly, Lucy, or Bruno under any circumstances in the future.

During this time, Lucy and Bruno called Grandma Nelly their home. They did a lot of things together as a family and spent a lot of time together. They continued to reside there up until Bruno reached adulthood, after which point they inherited the house.

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