Richard Gere took his father to his hometown restaurant for his 100th birthday and named his baby after him… See how his father reacts after that…

Richard Gere, one of Hollywood’s most famous actors, hails from a humble background. The actor grew up on a Syracuse farm in a huge, modest family.

Doris, his mother, met Homer Gere in Brooklyn, where she grew up. Childhood sweethearts married in 1945 and relocated to North Syracuse to raise their five children.

Despite life’s challenges, they raised five moral children (Richard, Susan, Joanne, David and Laura).

Doris, a housewife, and Homer, an insurance salesman, battled financially to offer their children the greatest education.

Richard calls his parents superheroes for fostering his talent.

The actor says his parents have always supported him and hired specialists to help their children. Admittedly:

“We were raised poor, and the effort it required to gain an education and music teachers was amazing.”

Richard admires his father.

Richard appreciates his parents’ efforts despite his humble upbringing. The actor praised his father at the 2019 City Harvest Festival Gala on Tuesday, recalling his boyhood. He’s proud of his genes.

Richard said Homer hated suffering. He said his father helped everyone.

Richard said Homer hated suffering. He said his father helped everyone.

The legendary actor said his father founded Meals-On-Wheels in his hometown and dedicated his life to it.

Homer liked a “cheeseball automobile, because the trunk was at the ideal height for him to transport meals to present to his neighbors, so he didn’t have to bend over.”

Meals-On-Wheels America aids thousands of people nationwide through its non-profit organizations. The first was founded in 1950s Philadelphia.

This group provides nutritional food, friendly visits, and security checks for American elderly. These activities try to improve their lives.

Richard questioned his elderly father why he volunteered for Meals-On-Wheels during a heart-to-heart. Homer said:

Meals on Wheels began in an abandoned house. We serve seniors. I think you feel good when you know someone is benefiting from your life.

Richard said his father inspired him to join this association. Homer was a great parent to his kid, who wanted to be one too. The actor fathered in his sixties.

Fatherhood for Richard

Cindy Crawford was Richard’s first wife. His second love was twelve-year-old Carey Lowell, a James Bond actress.

Richard always thought it was better late than never to become a father. His 1996 relationship with Carel was discreet until their marriage.

The “Unfaithful” star said they were ready to move forward in their relationship. Richard didn’t mind Lowell’s daughter from a previous marriage. said:

She transformed me. Heartfelt marriage has meaning. Our milestone.”

Before marrying, they had Homer Gere II. The 50-year-old actor named his first son after his father. Richard was overjoyed when his son was born.

The actor mentioned his child:

I love him. He is smart, witty, speedy, and loves music. He soon learned irony, an essential human trait”.

Richard never tired of being a dad, but his marriage to Lowell started to fail after a decade. The former James Bond girl divorced in 2012 claiming lifestyle differences.

Richard craved quiet while his second wife liked to party, according to several reports. Internet user:

He likes Bedford because it’s quiet. She prefers North Haven’s spotlight.”

They sought shared custody of their kid, but the divorce was contentious. They settled after four years in court.

Both parties’ attorneys declined to discuss the deal. Richard remained a father after the divorce.

In 2015, he said his son is his priority and he cannot start a project without his approval. Family is his priority.

Before this confidence, Richard had found love again with Spanish activist Alejandra Silva.

Alexander was born in 2019. His third boy was born the following year.

Richard’s cute.

Richard is grateful to his father, Homer, for his marriages, parenting, and family devotion.

He idolized him over time. The film legend said:

“My hero.”

Homer still loves helping people. Doris, his 91-year-old wife, died in North Syracuse. He always helped people, even when lonely.

Richard was the son parents wanted. He supported and helped his father.

Homer turned 100 in May, and the actor arranged a private meal at a pasta restaurant in their hometown.

The meals-on-wheels volunteer and the duo spent the evening with others who were excited to attend. Richard’s father-son relationship shows his respect for seniors’ sacrifices.

Richard will adore his children like his 100-year-old father since family is everything to him.

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