The man didn’t want to see the dogs suffer and saved 450 of them! Just see how…

Sasha Pejic was blind to the plight of homeless dogs, despite the fact that he saw dogs in every direction that were ashamed, hungry, and all by themselves.

The only alternative to living on the streets was to meet an untimely end at the hands of those who worked with animals.

As a result, he started taking in as many dogs as he could manage financially, and before long, he was operating a shelter that housed hundreds of canines.

Pejic provides these dogs, who have never been part of a family or had a home of their own, with veterinary treatment, food, and comfortable beds to sleep in at night.

They are spayed, and any dogs who require wheels are provided with them as well.

They possess the love of those who are dedicated (not to mention a giant pack to play together).

Pejic is the proprietor of a refuge that is housed in renovated stables. The Harmony Fund of America provides funding for both his activities and the tiny staff that he employs.

Laura Simpson, who established the foundation, was quoted as saying, “They are adored here.” “Many of them are adopted by loving families, while others will spend the rest of their lives at the refuge.”

Donations are the primary source of revenue for this shelter, which is home to 450 canine residents.

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