Alizée, 38, moved to Corsica, adopted a dog, and considered having another kid… You won’t believe when you see how she did that…

Any moment is a good one to make a change. After Alizée gave up singing, she did this.

Graine de Star is where Mylène Farmer meets Alizée. Most of his hits, including the 2000 smash “Moi… Lolita,” were written by his advisor.

Over 1.5 million singles were purchased by the 16-year-old singer. After the success of her debut single “Gourmandises,” she released her debut studio album.

Through her extensive touring, her song “Moi… Lolita” became a huge success in countries where French music is not widely known. A winner of multiple World Music Awards.

For a long time, Alizée was a shining star. Things shifted after Season 4 victory on “Dancing with the Stars.”

Her life changed drastically after she met the dancer Grégoire Lyonnet, who she later fell in love with.

She stopped doing music altogether.
During the 2013 season of “Dancing with the Stars,” Alizée met Grégoire Lyonnet. This explains why they’ve been together forever.

The happy pair tied the knot in 2016, and then jetted off to Corsica to live it up. I’m getting out of the entertainment business.

A long time ago, the “I’m fed up” singer herself stated that marriage was the reason she quit performing.

The musical page has turned as I no longer wish to make an album.

…she remarked. A surprising announcement. On the other hand, they adapted.

The people of Ajaccio are overjoyed. She now finds joy in her dance and her family. Together with her spouse, the singer opened dance clubs.

I’ve had a great time dancing with Greg since we last worked together on a song. It’s also a source of income for me.

She revealed the information to Télé Star.

In May of 2021, following his time in prison, the artist opened up his dancing studio in Ajaccio once more, where he taught youngsters and novices.

A house with a pool where he raises his family.
On August 21, 2022, Alizée showcased her contentment away from the spotlight. The singer was overjoyed to spend her 38th birthday in her luxurious property with a swimming pool, surrounded by her loved ones.

The former pupil of Mylène Farmer is a mother of two young ladies. She welcomed Annily in 2018 with Jérémy Chatelain and Maggy in 2019 with her current husband.

The former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant posted a birthday photo on Instagram with her daughters.

A moving photo that moved dancer Chris Marques and Taulier widow Laeticia Hallyday. his many fans.

Grégoire Lyonnet is clearly smitten with her kids in that Instagram photo from that day.

Furthermore, she is a proud and content mother. Alizée also wants a third kid. It was in a December 2021 interview with Magicmaman that she mentioned this.

Because Annily will be moving to London to attend university in a year, “we fear that if we don’t have a third kid, Maggy may experience the life of an only child,”

Alizée is an animal advocate.

In an effort to make Maggy happy, Alizée and her husband are thinking about expanding their family with another kid.

Sometime in 2021, they shared a post on their pet. The harlequin dachshund is named Groot. Being a dog, she was instantly accepted by the household.

Alizée, her husband, and their two girls had already welcomed a different furry ball, Nala. At Ajaccio’s Refuge de Caldaniccia, Patou fell for an Australian Shepherd.

The abused dog finally managed to get away from her owner. After being rescued, she was welcomed into Alizée’s household as an adopted daughter.

The famous singer has, as per usual, shared a photo of the adorable animal on social media. Alizée and Annily’s dog were shown here taking a nap together.

There was a cute picture that got people talking on the internet.

The daughter is leaving.

On April 28, 2022, Alizée’s eldest child reached the age of seventeen. The girl is getting to be too old to live at home anymore.

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