Feminine and attractive: these celebs shaved their heads for roles…

These actresses have demonstrated that it is possible for a woman to look feminine even if she has no hair on her head.

The next internationally renowned, brilliant, and successful woman demonstrated that wonderful long loose curls are not necessarily necessary to exemplify femininity.

Their fantastic experiences served as evidence that even without hair on their heads, women can still look gorgeous, feminine, and confident in themselves.

The majority of them made the decision to change their appearance in order to play roles in movies, whilst the beginning of a completely new stage of life required them to have an entirely different appearance.

Here are some of them who gave up their hair for the sake of their acting careers, but who nevertheless managed to look beautiful and captivating in spite of it.


This well-known actress decided to shave her head directly in front of the cameras, and the resulting cult moment was captured on film. In the movie “V for Vendetta,” you will get the opportunity to experience a breathtaking sequence.


When the idol of millions of people appeared in public with a nearly bald head, they silenced their followers. The star of “Twilight” then offered their thoughts on their brand new appearance. “This is incredibly useful in many ways.”


It is important to highlight that the actress who is standing in front of us is one of the first in the world to cut off her hair in order to play a role in a movie. The cult movie star and ex-wife of Bruce Willis cut her thick, dark hair for the role of Soldier Jane in the film.


For the sake of the breathtaking movie “Paradise,” the renowned actress made the decision to shave her head. The great woman claimed that the event was one that resulted in an incredible sense of personal freedom.


It is important to note that in order to play the role of “Monster” in the movie, one of the most beautiful and successful actresses had to put on more than 15 kilos of weight, and that in order to play “Mad Max: Fury Road,” she had to dye her hair blonde.


Concerning Ann, she gave up her magnificent black hair for the character of Cosette in “Les Miserables,” and as a result, she was awarded an Academy Award for her performance in this renowned role.

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