11-year-old Yaroslav caught the window-falling child…

A child who was one and a half years old had his life spared by a student in the fifth grade in the region of Bashkortostan.

The girl had a close call when she fell out of the window, but Yaroslav was there to save her life. Now everybody looks up to him as a hero.

In light of this, we have chosen to relate this tale to you in our post.

Yaroslav had been waiting for his companion on the street when all of a sudden he noticed someone tossing leaves out of a window on the second storey. As he got closer, he noticed a young girl sitting on the ledge…

“I believe that she is going to collapse right now… And just like that – she flew!” – the young hero recollects.

The man had only a few moments to save the child. Yaroslav suddenly became aware of the presence of nearby concrete slabs and knew that the girl could tragically die if she were to fall onto one of them.

The young man ran even closer to the girl, opened his arms, and, by some act of divine providence, she fell into his arms.

The weight that was placed on the guy caused him to fall on the ground, and he scraped his knees and elbows in the process; however, he did not let go of the female despite his injuries.

Yaroslav’s grandma, Larisa Yuryevna, recalls that her grandson “came home in tears” after a difficult day. She is solely responsible for the upbringing of her grandson and two granddaughters.

“To be quite honest, at first I didn’t even believe it; I believed he had made it up. He sobbed his heart out and then dashed back outside to continue playing ball.

And then, exactly one hour later, a law enforcement officer knocked on my door and gravely informed me that my grandson is a hero.

As a token of her appreciation, the grandma bought her grandson the tastiest and most decadent cake she could find.

Yaroslav is quoted as saying, “If it comes down to it, I will help save another person.” “But becoming a computer programmer is my lifelong ambition; I have no interest in working as a lifeguard.”

I will protect people from being infected by computer viruses.

A true hero has been found! Bravo, Yaroslav, keep it up!

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