What does a girl who is known as one of the most beautiful in the world look like now…

Alice Samsonova, who is only 14 years old but has already achieved success on a global scale.

In 2007, Alice was born in the city of Krasnoyarsk, which is located in the region of Siberia.

She had a relatively typical upbringing, since she attended kindergarten and enjoyed doing gymnastics throughout her childhood.

One day, Alice’s father sent her and her mother an invitation to take part in a competition with the talking name “Top Model in a juvenile style.”

Alice was six years old at the time. The youthful competitor exceeded everyone’s expectations and won the Grand Prix despite the low expectations.

In addition to this, she stood out among the other girls and was singled out for attention.

After another year had passed, in the year 2014, Samsonova was honored with the title of “Little Model of Russia-2014.”

Following this victory, Alice was extended an invitation to travel to Italy, where she demonstrated children’s clothing fashions while standing on a real podium.

The young model has an impressive portfolio, and her photographs have been published in catalogs from many countries around the world.

The young woman started working together with some of the most recognizable companies and publications in the world, such as Monnalisa, Elle Kids Russia, Vogue, Moschino, Rocs, and others.

The young lady made frequent trips to Italy and other countries, where she took part in product demonstrations and was filmed for various projects.

Alice took part in an event that was organized by Yana Rudkovskaya when she was nine years old. Yana brought together the most famous mini-models from around the world and organised a photo session with a specific theme for them.

After that, Samsonova attempted to channel her inner Alice from Through the Looking Glass. Three years later, Yana invited the same girl to the party once more, this time together with several other young blondes who were pretty and already successful.

In addition to a great number of works that were commercially successful, Samsonova’s “track record” includes various honorary titles.

The British media outlet Bright Side featured the gifted Alice on the list of gorgeous young models, ages twelve to fifteen, that you can watch for as long as you like when she was only twelve years old.

And if you believe L’officiel Kids, Samsonova is one of the top fifty most attractive children on the entire face of the earth.

Alice, at fourteen years old, hasn’t lost any of her youthful charm or adorableness.

She has beautiful blond hair, face characteristics that are almost angelic, blue eyes that are wide open, and a delicate body.

Samsonova continues to be in high demand, as evidenced by the fact that she is already fielding proposals from adult clothing businesses.

However, the girl’s parents have stated that they are not interested in making a profit and that they do not consider modeling to be a profession for their daughter (although she does receive royalties), but rather a hobby that she enjoys doing.

After the screenings and filming, Alice takes her family on a tour of the city and wanders around the neighborhood.

She then heads back to her hometown of Krasnoyarsk, where she continues to attend her regular school, study with her classmates, and train for gymnastics.

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