A woman bought a quail egg in a store and put it with her parrot․․․ She didn’t expect this… See what happened…

A package of quail eggs was among the items that Luna bought in a regular grocery store.

One of them was destined to become the subject of a naturalistic experiment, and the other one’s favorite parrot, Ping-Chan, was given the responsibility of acting as a brooder.

After taking a closer look at the mystery item, the putative father, who had at first expressed some skepticism about it, eventually began the process of hatching.

We are compelled to acknowledge the fact that the parrot addressed this process with the utmost avian responsibility, making every effort to ensure the utmost comfort for his “ward.”

Because people claim that the eggs that are sold in stores have not been fertilized, the young woman who writes blog posts first believed that this enterprise would be a complete failure.

Nevertheless, once the allotted amount of time had passed, the egg shell broke, and to no one’s astonishment, a young quail emerged from within the egg.

The occurrence left Luna speechless, and she was unable to comprehend how she should respond to it.

She expressed her happiness online, but at the same time, she expressed her fears about keeping her new pet.

She had to become an Angel for the new baby, and after doing some research on quails and how to care for them at home in the form of papers and books, she discovered that it was not overly difficult to do so, and she immediately got to work.

The baby is overjoyed when its new “mother” takes it into her arms and gently feeds it. The chick also enjoys being held by the new “mother.”

This adorable infant will soon begin to wow his new family with hilarious melodies shortly.

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