So that the elderly dog does not suffer from loneliness, the owners decided to sleep with him in turn but one night…

Since we were young, each one of us has been told that he is responsible for the people he has brought under his control.

However, not everyone is aware of what it means to be responsible, or how the concept of responsibility may be demonstrated in everyday life as opposed to in a lovely fairy tale.

This is the story of a dog named Spike and his owners, who continued to show their love and dedication to their pet even after he became elderly and required further care as he got older.

Spike is a springer spaniel. However, Spike just turned 14, which is a very respectable age for a dog of his breed, despite the fact that these canines are quite lively and happy.

The dog got older and began to spend an increasing proportion of its time sleeping, which led to subsequent issues.

Spike used to sleep in the same bed as his owners, however he did so by sitting at the foot of the bed.

Unfortunately, the dog has had two strokes and also suffers from a number of age-related ailments and conditions.

The dog has a tough time moving around the house, and he is unable to get up to the second story where the master bedroom is located at all.

The owners placed a barrier in front of the stairs so that their dog would not take any unnecessary chances.

On the first floor, there is now a sofa that has been arranged in such a way that Spike can sleep in complete comfort.

It was discovered that the dog had trouble falling asleep on his own, so the owners take turns staying with him while he tries to get some shut-eye.

It is common practice for people to carry Spike’s food and water directly to the couch for him, so that the pet does not spend energy on needless activity.

Someone is going to discover that people care too much for an old dog.

There are some members of Spike’s family who have spent their entire lives living in a booth yet do not believe themselves to be unlucky.

Spike joined this family while he was already an adult. After finding him at the animal shelter, his owners adopted him.

A great deal of suffering was endured by the animal prior to being adopted by a family that fell deeply in love with him.

The owners acknowledge that they want to make the golden years of their dog more enjoyable, so they are not the least bit worried by the fact that the dog will need to spend a few nights sleeping on the couch.

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