A 5-year-old hero saved her sister from a burning house is unbelievable.

Everyone is alive now because of this lovely little girl who was only 5 years old.

A tragic event took place sixteen years ago: there was a significant gathering, and the youngsters came perilously close to losing their lives.

But because of a young child who was only 5 years old, everybody lived through it, and Nastya herself received 80% of the injections into her body.

The infant then lifted his younger sibling into his arms and carried her.

Villagers who are deaf live in the Kharkov region in March 2005.

The two-year-old child Lucy and the five-year-old child Nastya were left home alone.

A number of years after the event, Nastya Ovchar recalled the day by saying, “It was cold in the house, and I decided to turn on the stove.”

“However, I watched as my parents stacked firewood and lighted matches.” I didn’t even consider the possibility that something awful could take place.

To tell you the truth, at that point I was unable to comprehend whether or not it wounded me.

Lucy was the only thing that was going through my mind at the time.

After that, I hastened to the bedroom where Lucy was resting in her bed.

Never once did I put my smaller sister in her older sister’s arms.

The parents were not permitted inside because they were scared that I would hurt Lucy.

During that time period, I carried out this activity for the very first time.

After that, Nastya confessed to the medical staff at the hospital that the only thing she could think about at the moment was finding a way to stop her sister.

Because of the strict rules that her parents enforced, she had never been allowed to hold her daughter in her arms prior to that horrible day.

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